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Even with the Best of Intentions: Insights from the Titanic

This video is an animated sailing of the Titanic (without any sinking sequence)

On April 15, 1912, the Titanic was lost in the icy waters of the Arctic Circle. The event continues to be haunting emotionally in the stories of the passengers, in film, music, and scientific intrigue.  I can not help but wonder if this historic event from a little over a hundred years ago offers insight into the process of manifestation even with the best of intentions.

“Your perspective is always limited by how much you know. Expand your knowledge and you will transform your mind.” 
~ Bruce H. Lipton

Bruce Lipton, Ph.D.; author of Biology of Belief, states that we are processing over 4 billion bits of information per second and that your bio-energetic field while filtering all the material, can only process about 1-2% of that material consciously. Any trauma, accident, stress, imprint, or habitual behavior that has not been processed consciously for more coherence has the power to divert, block, compromise or disrupt optimal energy flow and response. Positive intentions are only as effective as the underlying coherent structures that support them.

As an example, the Titanic was touted as being the biggest and best ship ever built in the early 20th Century, yet the unseen material of a solitary iceberg in the Atlantic caused its demise. The ice below the surface which comprised 90% of its mass which wasn’t seen ripped open the ship below the waterline and above the double hull where it was least expected to overwhelm the ship.“It’s just the tip of the iceberg” is also relevant when looking at the influence of unconscious material on your choices, actions, and outcomes in what you are intending to make happen.

Even with the best of intentions you are using a great deal of energy towards your positive intentions and seeing no results, perhaps it is a call from your unconscious beliefs that lie below the surface, patterns built up over time with imprints asking you to take a new course. No matter how much you visualize, believe, and work towards them through saying affirmations, imagining the outcome, burning candles, making wishes, etc; the material from limiting habits, beliefs, and patterns can override them.

The Titanic was proclaimed “Unsinkable and Invincible.” Everyone said and believed it was so. On that day reports came in for ice fields, and the course of the ship was altered to a more southerly route maintaining a speed of 21.5 knots which is about 40 km per hour. The wireless telegraph broke down for several hours after the course was changed. When the latitude/longitude report came in with exact location of ice fields in their new path with 10 miles of ice fields, the telegraph operator aboard the Titanic was so stressed with the backlog of passenger telegraphs from lost time trying to fix the wireless that he placed the new “Icebergs” report under his elbow with the stack of other mounting telegraphs after telling the messenger from another ship,‘Shut up, shut up! I am busy; I am working Cape Race!’” This last Iceberg report never made it to the bridge.

In the excitement and hurry for this new venture, binoculars were misplaced and were not available to lookouts on the ship. That meant that they could not see well into the darkness filled with only smooth water and twinkling stars. When the iceberg finally registered as a reality that could not be denied with the naked eye, there wasn’t enough time to change course or take effective evasive action. With mounting stress after the hit, the SOS latitude/longitude location signal sent out for help proved to be an inaccurate reading of Navigational Charts which made it difficult for ships to reach her more rapidly.

What were the elements of destruction to the intention of crossing the Atlantic? While there are many theories in books, articles, etc; for our purposes here in considering the bio-energetics at work, tiredness, disorientation, collective belief, and stress response within the structure of the ship and crew all step forward.

Miscommunication between crew members about the real impact of the situation affected loading lifeboats which, in some cases, filled only 1/3 the number they could have actually held. Some passengers refused early on due to the belief that the ship was a safer place to be than a lifeboat.

While each person’s life and their relationship with another created loss on the Titanic, the number of 3rd class passengers reported the greatest toll. In some cases, they were blocked and could not reach the top. The steel in the freezing waters became brittle and fractured in her depths instead of being able to expand and hold the keel and hull together flooding beyond the capacity of the ship’s ability to sustain itself.

In the aftermath of the sinking of the Titanic, inquiries about the details of this disaster led to updates and improvements in shipping and travel across the water almost immediately. Expanding the area of doubled ship hulls, increasing the numbers of lifeboats, drills, and safety, improving watertight walls, and requiring 24- hour wireless reinforcements were all conscious improvements to create more coherent structure and support for sustaining life.

Re-pattern your life to experience greater integrity in your wellness and well-being.

It is possible to update the unconscious material of limiting beliefs, attitudes and thoughts in your body-mind system traveling through life. This information is stored in your Autonomic Nervous System within your muscles, tissues, glands, organs, thoughts, feelings and actions. When you deeply listen to what this information is reporting, you have an opportunity to expand into a greater experience of wellness and well-being so that we can see more clearly, move into the present with more insight and focus for making decisions and being present to what is in front of you. This happens by restoring more optimal harmony and balance in your system while decreasing the residual effects of stress from your past. When you create more peace with events that still haunt you by updating them with more positive frequency support, you can move forward to experience more harmony and balance.

Resonance Repatterning Sessions update emotional, mental, spiritual (core essence), and physical energy flow with natural healing disciplines matched to your specific needs. This changes the course of your life direction while creating more optimal energy flow in your body-mind system. Doing so, allows you to re-pattern your life to experience greater integrity in your wellness and well-being.

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