Jan 2, 2021

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Empower Your Positive Intentions for the New Year

As we move into the new year we often set resolutions for ourselves. This is an especially good time to consider how to empower your positive intentions for tangible and sustainable success. Experience an Empower Your Positive Intentions for the New Year Session to create sustainable and tangible positive changes in your wellness and well-being. This repatterning includes an Ebook to break them down into successful steps.

Empower your Resolutions to Create Solutions

Traditionally New Year goals are called resolutions. However, these goals are usually intentions without long-term solutions. In order to create new solutions for realistic and long-term positive change, Resonance RepatterningĀ® sessions get to the root of what you need to create new awareness, vital energy, and the momentum to experience new possibilities and opportunities for growth. As is true for the beginning of any journey, knowing where you’re starting is vital to know how to reach your destination. Awareness is the first key to plotting your course and creating a road map.

Empowering Your Intentions

The metaphors of a crossroad, fork in the road and turning point illustrate that valuable information can be gained through gathering the harvest of the year passed in the lessons by integrating these events, relationships, and challenges.

We must accept where we are before we know what we may become.- Anonymous

1) Crossroads: This is a true starting point. In the same way, you would get directions from Google Maps, you must first identify your starting point. The crossroad is the meeting place of your appointments with people, places, and opportunities. In looking back at this last year you might notice how some things started then fizzled, resolved, remained the same, or needed a change in direction.

fork in the road

2) Fork in the Road: As you become aware of insights from this past year, you can begin to see where forks in the road emerged due to your wish for new opportunities and possibilities in your life.

There is always a point of choice in every situation. You can either resonate with the chaos of a problem that keeps you feeling powerless, overwhelmed, hopeless or discontented, or take the fork in the road that offers a new perspective or opportunity to the problem.

When you resonate with a new possibility, you experience life through a deeper connection to love, support, joy and feel more empowered as you move through the changes that are necessary to manifest your positive intentions. This sets the stage for better wellness and well-being in the process of making a change starting with the new year!

3) Turning Point: Finally, a turning point is created with your choice to empower your intentions with the resources, skills, acceptance, and motivation needed to move your intentions into positive action. The turning point comes when you resonate with life-energizing feelings, thoughts, and beliefs that will empower you through the manifestation of your goals.

Set up Your New Year Session

This is your personal invitation to benefit from a Resonance Repatterning session to empower your positive intentions forĀ 2021. Empower your relationships, new projects, business, sense of purpose in life, and your well-being with a session to start the new year out in a positive direction!

As a bonus when you register for your session this month, you will be entered in a FREE January Giveaway with a CD related to working with your intentions for manifestation at the end of the month.

Empowering Your Positive Intentions for 2021
Kimberly Rex, MS

Contact Kimberly Rex, MS with questions about setting up your personal Empower Your Positive Intentions for 2021 by phone, Skype, or proxy.

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