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Creating Well-being at Home through the Coronavirus Outbreak

Creating well-being during the coronavirus outbreak can be challenging. Social distancing, self-isolation, and quarantine are necessary to diminish the impact of its reach, however, it can feel frustrating and confusing. Changing your schedule, working, homeschooling, or feeling confined in your living space can push the limits.

Mental health thrives on knowing what to expect and the ability to make things happen. When you feel like you have very few choices and are thrust into survival mode, it’s important to feel like you can choose what you create with your life energy.

This article offers a compilation of suggestions to Calm, Create, Clean, Clear, and Cultivate greater harmony and balance working with your own life energy from your own home.

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Make time for quiet and relaxation. Take the time you wouldn’t have in your otherwise busy and hectic life. This is an opportunity to create greater well-being with harmony and balance.

Start by getting a piece of paper and dividing it into sections for “Calm, Create, Clean, Clear, and Cultivate.” You can use this template as a gentle reminder for a daily or weekly checklist to take care of your wellness and well-being. Know that each day is different, and some days you might just need to rest. On these days, you certainly can check off “Calm.”

  • Take time to relax. Get in touch with your breath. Bring yourself into your center when you feel anxious, feel frustrated or afraid.
  • Find an inspirational quote or read from a book of reflections to start your day.
  • Be sure to keep to your sleep schedule. Get off computers and electronics by at least 9 PM and into bed by 11 PM. This will allow you to calm down before sleep, and then detoxify your entire system during the night.
  • Try a Meditation App: here.
  • Try these 6 Acupressure Points to Relieve Anxiety here.
  • Ideas to Relieve Your Anxiety and Overwhelm here.
  • Go outside to sit in your yard or walk in nature if you can go outside. This will be grounding and calm your Nervous System while strengthening your immune system
  • Take in Virtual Nature through listening to videos with waves, beaches, streams, forests, mountains, etc.


  • Place a calendar in a central place to keep everyone in the loop related to how the days and week will go to enhance your sense of well-being. Keep wake up and sleep times consistent. Build-in time for meals, play, movement, work, study, videos, rest and communication. This will go a long way to reduce conflict and create healthy boundaries for what to expect during the day.
  • Designate specific times for home school, study, bath, bedtime, and chores for children. If you need to change your routine, keep others in the loop.
  • Create a list of important contacts related to healthcare professionals, websites for work and school, with family emergency steps, plans for your pets and best practice guidelines for self-isolation and quarantine protocols. Suggestions here.
  • Create time to attend to your finances related to banking, investments, debt and emergency funds.
  • Create time to express yourself. Perhaps some hobby you have can be rejuvenated in a painting, song, story, music, sewing, or a building project you want to start, get back to, or complete.
  • Make your mealtimes creative with time in the kitchen to try new recipes or make family favorites. Focus on nurture when you eat by limiting distractions, eating slowly and appreciating the support healthy food offers you.
  • Plan a garden or start seeds for the spring. Include herbs for cooking, vegetables, fruit that grow well in your region, and flowers that create beautiful, feed pollinators, as well as healing and edible varieties.
  • Keep your priorities with necessary appointments. If you have a doctor’s appointment, counseling, work meeting, or 12-Step Program commitment, communicate by phone or virtual online video and/or audio spaces. Attend a 12 Step Virtual Meetings here.


  • This is an opportunity to clean out some or all of those drawers, closets, walls, shower curtains, garden beds, surface areas, appliances, behind your doors and spaces where you collect things that need to be sorted or gone through to organize or sanitize. Do not do this all at once. Pace yourself. Let the mantra, “One small thing,” take you from room to room. Breaking projects down into small sizable tasks with built-in success creates motivation and energy for new possibilities in your life.

Clear the clutter in your life.

  • Clear space for what you would like to experience in your life. Take inventory of your negative thoughts, beliefs, and attitudes that keep you from moving forward with greater integrity in action for your wellness and well-being. Get more ideas for pacing yourself here.
  • Clear some of your files, drawers, closets, workspace, notebooks, computer storage space, under your bed, kitchen cabinets, boxes, garage, or attic, etc. of items you no longer need. If you cannot leave your home, assign a space or box to collect items for recycle or disposal in the future.


Cultivate time for yourself and your family in ways that enhance bonding through listening, working out, playing and learning.

  • Make time to talk with family and friends. Check-in with each other to see how you are doing. This can be by phone, FaceTime, Skype, computer webcam or NextDoor.
  • Remember to express love and appreciation in your communications. Keep in touch with ecards, cards in the mail, and check-ins. Stay in touch with elders to find out how they are doing, and find out what they might need to know or have for resources. More protection resources for self-isolation and quarantine here.
  • Spend time with your children listening to them tell you what is going on for them. Play, tell or read stories and sing with them. This will nurture you both, and bring more joy to your experience. Try some At-Home Activities for Children here. Encourage daily creativity with Mo Willem’s daily “Lunch Doodles”.
  • More resources for children here.
  • Strengthen your communication with your partner, children, family, friends and business cohorts more meaningful with non-violent communication resources here.
  • Stretch each day. Movement and exercise support your body-mind system in cleansing your lymphatic system and creating neurotransmitters that counteract depression. Find out more here.
  • Try Free Workout and Exercise Apps here.
  • Break up your day with movement. You can march in place, walk from one part of your home to another, take a walk or get a glass of water. Look away from the close-up work on your computer every 30 minutes by looking at something far away or out the window. This will decrease the stress on your eye muscles.
  • Keep a journal. Record what makes you grateful each day. You can do this with drawings, doodles, writing, scrapbooking, or photos. Use your journal to also get in touch with what is most important to your health and well-being. Choose where you would like to dedicate your energy. Is it a project? Is it working for a specific cause? Is it a realization about something you have had no time to consider? What will make this time offer you about the truth you want to live?
  • Take breaks and take care of yourself. Take time daily to do something that is personally supportive of your body-mind system. Whether that means giving yourself a facial, taking a long bath with lavender essential oil, reading a book that you wanted to finish but never had time until now, taking a nap, saying “No” when you need time or space, or pacing yourself during the day, it’s important to follow-through to nurture yourself during this time.
Kimberly Rex, MS

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