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Did you ever wonder how your life would change if you could tap into your full potential to live a life rich with integrity, wellness and well-being? Do your life goals and what you experience in life today match up? Do you feel like your efforts to experience new patterns, opportunities and possibilities aren’t changing anything?

You can achieve and integrate positive change naturally and easily with the cutting edge process of Repattern Your Life Coaching.

Repattern Your Life Coaching©  sessions access information from your body-mind system to identify unconscious material that limits your wellness and well-being. In this way, a session gets below resistance and to the root of underlying issues.

Your body is a map of your life’s experiences. Each session works with the fact that you are always able to work with a Choice Point. Every problem in your life is an opportunity for looking at underlying needs and possibilities for meeting life from a more empowered, centered, loving, and joyful place.

Point of Choice

Point of Choice

Within every situation, there is a potential spiral that takes you to a point of choice. Having the where-with-all to be present to this choice is the opportunity. To the degree you are conscious of this potential to choose in the moment, and not react negatively is related to several factors. Cultural and family imprints influence an automatic response to how you interact in the world on a day-to-day basis. Unresolved earlier experiences can impact how you see life through your beliefs, thoughts, and feeling. This results in physical, emotional, mental and spirit level habitual and familiar reaction.

Your conscious mind is the conductor of your choices in any given moment. However, your unconscious material is the manager of what gets put into action based on how and where your life energy is dedicated, or what you resonate within any given moment.

By accessing material stored in your body-mind system, sessions with Kimberly are more about getting to the root of what is needed for positive change than just working with the surface issues. This cutting-edge process works with consciousness science, natural disciplines of  healing modalities with consciousness sciencecolor, light, sound, movement, breath, fragrance, and energetic balancing to shift your awareness and create more life energy for your positive intentions.

Through this approach, Kimberly provides feedback and facilitates the process so clients effectively address personal life challenges. She integrates her extensive knowledge of holistic therapies and Resonance Repatterning® with personalized positive actions for a program tailored to building the bridge to living your life free of limitations from the past that has disrupted your life energy, motivation and sense of being in the present.

Repattern Your Life Coaching© sessions get to the heart of issues you need to resolve while you are integrating change. Kimberly facilitates results by transforming stumbling blocks into stepping stones for greater success. With compassion and understanding, she works with you to help build the bridge connected to your inner passion and positive intentions to attain the personal growth you are committed to achieving. Sessions are available by phone, Skype, in-person or proxy.
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