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Change Your Inner World to Affect Positive Change in Your Life

Years ago, I trained in Sand Tray Therapy. Today, I think of Resonance Repatterning® as another way to change your inner world to affect positive change in your life. Sand Tray Therapy works with creating an external world representing a story of what is happening in a person’s life using an actual box filled with sand. The client creates an environment, chooses figurines, fences, trees, mountains, and symbols/archetypes to represent what is happening, or how they are feeling about a particular issue in their life.

Building from the Inside Out

. The process began with a focus or a question about the current situation. By creating the situation visually for reflection, an invitation emerged to look at the situation by working with the sand tray environment directly. By observing and adjusting the inner story, realization emerged and updated based on the created visual structure and the dynamics of relational space, boundary and meaning. In some cases, figurines are added, moved  or removed during the process to impact change in the story. And, in other cases fences or bridges appear to create boundaries. In other cases, complete trays are destroyed by different means (flooding with water, “hurricane, tornado, windstorm,etc.”) to end or complete a story.

This process demonstrated the primordial forces in the universe within each one of us: creation, sustenance and destruction. Each aspect and phase has an impact on our experience of life.

Through birth, beginning of relationships, business or life cycles, we experience creation. By commitment to a relationship or project, we sustain energy. Through seasons of change, loss, divorce, death, or letting go, we take part in completions and experience what feels like destructive force personally.

The inner story, though the same in essence for all, is always single and unique in each human being, never before lived and never to be repeated.”~ Helen M. Luke

These aspects are not separate from each other. They are transitional stages within the process of living. The symbolism of bridges, transition, or creation of walls and fences speaks to the connection, boundaries or separation from life you experience daily and over time. They speak to the rhythm of your life that creates, sustains and destroys or completes in cycles that emerge, change, submerge, or sustain in your internal story.

From the Micro to the Macro

Resonance Repatterning® works with transforming your internal world so that you resonate with new possibilities in your life through changing your internal story. Life is energy in motion. One of my favorite quotes even today by a professor in one of my graduate school classes was, “The definition of mental health is the ability to make things happen.”  Resonating with the ability to create, sustain and regulate your own life allows you to experience life from a more empowered stance.  This happens through transforming  your limiting beliefs, negative thought cycles, generational imprints and the story within that you tell yourself so you can experience the possibility of a new story and positive change to face and respond to life with a new vision of what is possible.

When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves.~Viktor Frankl

  This process works with information stored within your body-mind system specific to time frames, levels and locations where your life energy has been interrupted, feels stuck or blocked. Identifying and transforming your inner world allows you to access and transform the story you believe is true to create new images, life energy and memory updates even at the cellular and sub-atomic levels. This changes life energy flow where it has been disrupted, and creates a new story and resonance with what your mind-body system believes is true to create greater harmony and balance. In the process, your life energy becomes more attuned to optimal and natural rhythm of life energizing thoughts, feelings, beliefs and images for positive change. This, in turn, affects how you interact with your life personally, in business, your relationships and community.

How Resonance Repatterning Affects the Process of Change
Beginning a project, relationship, or positive intention requires energy for building a new possibility. Through the process of Resonance Repatterning, a session creates the capacity for positive change by working with the point of choice, your life vision, and identifies where negative beliefs or images are held that might keep the process from beginning. By restoring your body-mind system to more optimal life energy flow, you then have the ability and commitment to start your journey for positive change.

Point of Choice

Point of Choice

Sustaining your motivation and life energy for your process is also important for positive change. Creating greater motivation and connection to the feeling of being grounded, centered, joy and love in a long-term positive change process is vital. Self-care and bonding with others with greater harmony and balance allows you to pace yourself and persevere while feeling nurtured in the process.

 Completing, Letting Go or Ending: When  roadblocks, endings and seeming destruction, loss and trauma create impasses, Resonance Repatterning offers healing  by bridging or letting go of the limiting experiences. This happens through connecting you more to  what is of value in your life so that you feel  more restored and able to face life again with renewed energy.  In this way you grow from your experience, feel greater freedom and choice within.
Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom.~Viktor Frankl

Kimberly Rex, MS is an experienced and certified Advanced Resonance Repatterning, Master Life Coach and Person-Centered Expressive Therapist with advanced training in holistic and healing therapies. She works with clients all over the world by phone, Skype, proxy and in-person with  cutting~edge energy medicine and transformation processes to re-pattern your life so you can change your story and your life to experience greater integrity in your wellness and well-being with more life energy for your positive intentions.  Contact her at to schedule your personal session for positive change.

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