Jul 15, 2019

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Add Natural Remedies to Your First Aid Kits


As you travel and enjoy the summer hiking, camping, swimming, sports and having fun it’s wise to have first aid options. Having natural remedies for unexpected scrapes, bruises, bites, accidents, or soreness, or not feeling well can create greater ease and relief when you know you have options.

You can have on hand specific remedies to come to the rescue for overnight, weekend, week or month for your suitcase, backpack or car, as well as a home kit.

How to Create Your First Aid Kit

1) Recovery Flower Essence Blend

This blend allows you to feel nourished and replenished after a difficult situation, accident, heat exhaustion, too much sun, shock or emotional upset. Simply place a few drops under your tongue and repeat throughout the day to restore harmony and balance to your body-mind system.

This flower essence blend incorporates the healing properties of:

  • Blackberry for bringing you back to a sense of self-regulation, restores circulation, centers you in the midst of overwhelm
  • Dandelion for approaching decisions and change based on what is of value to your life
  • Oregano for letting go of toxic material related to congestive painful states and emotions leading to regulating and harmonizing your thinking and feelings
  • Heal All for bringing calm after agitation and healing below the surface of emotional wounds
  • St. John’s Wort for grounding and creating a sense of safety after a shock, disorienting event or accident

2) Lavender Hydrosol Spray: Use this spray as a bug repellent when you are gardening, hiking, or camping. Spritz yourself after being in the sun to calm down your skin’s response to burning or sun exposure. This spray can be used as an antiseptic on skin abrasions. It is also good for calming you down and helping you get to sleep.

3) Fun in the Sun: Natural Sun Bar, De-Bug and Dandelion Magnesium Lotion good for summer activities in the sun and nature while you enjoy activities that might also leave you with sore muscles

Fun in the Sun Remedies

5) Deep Muscle Essential Massage Oil Blend: This nourishing blend is made with deeply penetrating essential oils for nerve pain, bruising and soreness below the surface, this roller blend relies on Helichrysum, Fir and Cypress essential oils in coconut oil infusion.

Essential Oil Roller Blend

6) Be Well Essential Oil Blend is a wonderful way to reduce your impact of exposure to germs. This blend can easily be used before you get on a plane by placing the blend behind your ears and on your wrists, or when you travel as an antiseptic, antimicrobial and antibacterial benefits. This blend is also available as a salve.

Be Well Essential Oil Blend Options

Disclaimer: Plant and flower essences are supplementary support for psycho-spiritual transformation. They create greater awareness, harmony and balance within. They are, however, not meant to replace consulting with your health or psychotherapy professional regarding any ailment or symptom that is of personal concern.

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Kimberly Rex, MS

Kimberly Rex, MS is a certified Resonance Repatterning, Person-Centered Expressive Therapist and Wellness &Well-being Life Coach. She is also certified in homeopathy, herbalism, flower essences and aromatherapy.

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