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5 Messages for Life from the Green Heart of the Forest

In taking a walk this morning through the forest, I was looking for evidence that winter had turned the corner, and that the green heart of the forest was opening to spring. What I experienced was much more than I expected. Entering the woods behind my home,the ground was soft with both leaves and plants that had mixed with the earthen floor. There was a tenderness that supported the complex structure of this old growth cedar forest.

These five messages from the green heart of the forest are beneficial for many areas of living day-to-day for business, health and wellness, relationship and greater sense of well-being.

1. Footwork

~photo by Kimberly Rex

~photo by Kimberly Rex

Sometimes you’re not quite sure what direction to move or how to plan for next steps. Being tender to yourself in your process as you choose your steps is beneficial. This will help you to nourish your inner needs, and  that allows you to build structures that are sustainable and enduring.

2. Nurture on the Path

~photo by Kimberly Rex

~photo by Kimberly Rex

In the forest, all of what is living and all that has been let go is useful. Trees that have fallen or been snapped apart are nurseries for new growth. Leaves cover the forest floor to continue feeding new life.

Finding a branch, a trunk or a level place to grow supports the journey.

Starting a new project, considering change or entering a new phase of your life can be nourished by your experiences from the past, and can include mentors and teachers who have offered or offer encouragement and insight to life. Call upon the wisdom of your experiences and others who have been in similar situations. This can also be a message about finding others working with similar issues or projects to study with or network to everyone’s mutual benefit.

3. Learn from Obstacles

~photo by Kimberly Rex

~photo by Kimberly Rex

Tangled branches on a path that you thought would be clear show up as places in your life where your life energy is still dedicated. When this happens spend time in this space looking more deeply where you are to take in what is involved.

When there are setbacks, indecision and difficulties with timing, it’s an opportunity to consider the pace of your life and your plans. Look more deeply at where your inner needs are not being heard. Are you in rhythm with life? Is there something that you are not seeing? Are you acknowledging your needs for quality time, food, sunlight, water, relationship and rest?

When we feel stuck, going nowhere–even starting to slip backward–we may actually be backing up to get a running start.~Dan Millman

4. Gratitude

~photo by Kimberly Rex

~photo by Kimberly Rex

After walking about 15 minutes, I came to a steep run-off that looked down to a rapid running stream of water. I considered climbing down to the stream, yet realized that I was unwilling to make the climb back up to the top. Instead, I breathed in the air of nurture from the forest all around. While I stood there, I placed my hand on a huge cedar tree, and felt its dampness glistening in the sun. I brought both hands and then my heart to this tree, and as I’ve done many times in the past, thanked the trees for this wonderful life-giving oxygen.

Gratitude for the path and each step makes life more enjoyable. When you are unable to take a next step or feel discouraged, frustrated or anxious, being grateful for what is in front of you that perhaps you haven’t yet acknowledged as resources, guidance, and support helps you re-center and experience life-giving energy.

5. Archways and Doorways

~photo by Kimberly Rex

~photo by Kimberly Rex

As I placed my back to the cedar tree I saw a wonderful archway that I hadn’t seen on my journey into the forest. I more felt centered, more optimistic and hopeful. It felt like a wonderful invitation to move through a new doorway.

All experience is an arch, to build upon. ~Henry Adams

Once you shift your resonance and perception of what is happening within, new doorways and possibilities open. Listen for guidance, and follow your heart. New possibilities await when you are awake to them.

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