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4 Stages of Disease: The Interaction between Your Kidneys, Liver and Heart

4 Stages of Disease Leading to Chronic Illness 

Chinese Traditional Medicine TCM looks at the pathway of disease from the perspective of the relationship between organ and meridian systems. The heart is the emperor of the body-mind system, however, in order to begin the healing process, the heart must connect with kidney. When there is a disorder of stagnation in the kidney your liver is affected. When your liver is negatively affected this impacts your heart.  This starts with distortions in how you think related to what you believe and see in life. This, then, can lead to both emotional and physical imbalance.

When there have been long-standing issues with unresolved emotions and perception of victimization or overwhelm over time, dis-ease becomes more likely a possibility. This happens through 1) Shen Stagnation 2) Chi Stagnation 3) Blood Stagnation and resulting 4) Body Stagnation.

The interaction and relationship between your organ systems impact the integrity of your wellness and well-being. 

From the Kidney’s Perspective

The kidney relates directly to the reptilian brain function. This means that survival, fear, and overwhelm in your current life get translated into how the energy in your body-mind system is communicated throughout your body. Kidney stores short-term memory. The impact of the relationship to the reptilian brain can make it difficult to discern what is a current danger or a residual thought, belief, or attitude about a stressful event or situation from the past. The reptilian brain‘s job is to search for anything that reminds it of previous danger, and then to take action through the fight, flight, or freeze.

In practical terms on a day-to-day basis, this affects how your Nervous System responds to perceived danger and threats. It impacts your Adrenalin response, blood pressure, hormones, cortisol, and sleep cycles. This impacts your ability to retain information accurately in the present. It affects the amount and quality of life energy or vitality you have, your ability to remember important information, and your ability to hear things clearly.

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From the Liver’s Perspective

In Chinese Medicine, Liver stores emotion. The liver is related to the Limbic or Emotional Brain. When liver is distorted by anger and frustration is repressed over time, it impacts the way you perceive the world through your thinking and seeing. The ability to modulate your emotional responses to your external environment has an effect on your internal response to challenges.

The liver filters blood and this in turn affects your chi or energy level. When the liver is out of balance, it limits your vision and your ability to see from the perspective of another person. It keeps you from considering that there might be another alternative or possibility. Your decision-making process becomes clouded, and your body-mind system’s ability to prioritize thought and action becomes less clear.

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Open Heart, Full Heart, Strong Heart, and Clear Heart

From the Heart’s Perspective

Heart is the home of the Shen Spirit related to the capacity for compassion, forgiveness, gratitude, tolerance, joy and love. It is primarily related to your reasoning and decision-making Cortex. There are 5 functional responsibilities for the heart including consciousness, thinking, imagination and planning, the ability to modulate emotions and long-term memory according to TCM. Because of these functions, it is important to engage all three places: the kidney, the liver and the heart in order to heal internal conflict and dissonance related to your mental, emotional, physical and spirit.

This is your personal invitation to working with creating greater harmony and balance in your life. As we move into Winter, Water Element related to Kidney and Bladder are the prominent organs that express information for special needs and care. There is much to be acknowledged on the health benefits of starting with the kidneys to inform and play a healing role in transforming the rest of the body-mind system through focusing on nourishing the transformation of your Reptilian Brain’s reaction to trauma from the past and to balance your need for giving and receiving in a loving way within your body, your mind, your relationships and in the world.

Build integrity in your wellness and well-being for the winter months by taking part in a personal Resonance Repatterning® session that works with this purpose to create greater harmony and balance for your kidneys and bladder’s impact on your ability to build life energy to heal the past so you can be more energized and able to go with the flow of life, set boundaries, increase resilience through the winter months.

Here is an opportunity to continue on the path to building integrity in your wellness and well-being with monthly healing modalities and repatterning events from Windows to the Heart Repatterning.

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