Jan 31, 2017

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Together We Can: Virtual Group Sessions to Change the World

If you have been asking, “What can I do to create positive change in the world?” then I invite you to take part in a series of Resonance Repatterning virtual group sessions where you can state your intentions, identify issues, problems and solutions to this question.  This cutting edge transformation process has the ability to create change to impact your experience of life for new possibilities while creating a ripple effect on the planet.  This happens through transforming fear, anxiety, anger and a sense of confusion into a greater sense of direction, new possibilities, alignment with your life purpose and  the positive actions  that will create positive change in your life, your relationships, community and the world. Because the truth is Together We Can!

Quantum science suggests that the existence of many possible futures for each moment of our lives. Each future lies in a state of rest until it is awakened by choices made in the present. ~Gregg Braden

Please join Windows to the Heart Repatterning and Kimberly Rex in taking part in these virtual group repatternings this year to impact your life personally and create positive change collectively with topics that connect and affect ALL of us. These virtual group repatternings are a place where you can add your voice to enhance your positive intentions and actions to take so you can experience tangible and sustainable change.

These FREE group virtual repatterning sessions coincide with historical and collaborative world events to expand the collective reach for greater love, compassion, positive action and well-being wherever you are on the planet. Together we can!

Each 60-minute virtual group Resonance Repatterning session includes personal focus questionnaire, teleconference details, recording and positive actions from the session. You can participate wherever you live on the planet to create positive change!

International Women’s Day: 3-8-17

International Water Day: 3-22-17

Earth Day: 4-22-17

International Day of Peace: 9-21-17

To add your voice to these virtual group repatterning sessions, please sign-up for our Windows to the Heart Community here:  http://tinyurl.com/windows2heartnews



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