Apr 7, 2017

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The Message from Anger: How to Create Greater Harmony and Balance from Its Seeds Group Repatterning


  How does anger fit into spring?  The Chinese Five Element and Meridian Wheel speaks to this time of year when there is new growth and possibilities.  What can keep you from resonating with these aspects within?  This can include anger, frustration, indecision, and inability to prioritize your actions.  To create the opportunity to experience the coherent aspects of spring related to optimism, focus, and new growth, it is important to heal the patterns of anger that keep this energy going.  The seeds you choose to plant with your thoughts, attitudes and actions make a difference in your wellness, relationships and well-being!

  One of my favorite quotes in grad school from a professor was, “Mental health is the ability to make things happen.”  If you feel stuck or unable to move out of frustration mode, please join us in The Message from Anger: Creating Harmony and Balance from Its Seeds Group Repatterning on April 29, 2017.

  As spring begins, maybe you, too, have found yourself in the garden. I have been anxiously planting seeds with hope for new growth and blooms. However, this process is not possible without first clearing old growth, roots, leaves and twigs from the garden bed. I’ve noticed also that there are choices about what stays in the beds as I plant particular flowers.

I notice the maple seeds that have transplanted themselves. Old roots still take up space from last year’s planting. Acknowledging this, there is still my underlying need to create a medicinal herb garden. With this discernment, I take out roots that will not replenish themselves and move the maple seeds into the woods. I acknowledge in the process that new soil, fertilizer and space are essential to this need for planting a medicinal herb garden paired with the external resource and support from sun light and warmth. I am very much aware that all of these things will benefit this garden and my need for it to nourish them for  blossom.

In the same way, your emotions are a garden of feelings based on attitudes, patterns, beliefs and way of seeing the world. They serve as signals that something within is needing to be heard. Like the maple seeds, underlying needs might need acknowledging or voicing themselves through whatever means they can. This is in an effort to create greater harmony and balance in your body-mind system.

“At the core of all anger is a need that is not being fulfilled.”~Marshall Rosenberg

The emotion of anger can be a powerful messenger, like a seed, for something speaking within you that you wish would resolve differently. Its roots can run deep and still be planted in your body-mind system garden bed from the past. These roots can take up space in your thinking and emotions, and limit your ability to free up vital energy to create new possibilities for what you would instead like to experience in your life. By holding onto the emotional frequency of these roots without positive action or change, you literally do not have room for new possibilities, or even the ability to consider other options.

The knowledge of the past stays with us. To let go is to release the images and emotions, the grudges and fears, the clingings and disappointments of the past that bind our spirit.” ~Jack Kornfield

When you become aware of the message from anger that points to an underlying unmet need, you then can create new space for finding ways to meet your underlying needs in your life today. This means that the seeds of your feelings can create a garden with greater harmony and balance.

BASIC LIFE NEEDS: Bonding-Closeness-Harmony-Nurturing-Security-Trust-Sleep-Protection-Boundaries-Positive Touch- Appreciation-Respect-Being Understood-Space-Light-Play-Laughter 

When you move into a space of understanding that your need is valid, and deserves the nurture from within, as well as the discernment of support from choices in your life, that seed can become a new possibility for that need so it can blossom with positive action in your life today!

  This group session took place on April 29, 2017. However, if you would like to register for a personal Resonance Repatterning session, please register below.

The Message from Anger: How to Create Harmony and Balance

Resonance Repatterning® sessions build the bridge within your body-mind system so you can experience wellness and well-being by creating more harmony and balance where you need it specifically.

Kimberly Rex, MS is a certified Resonance Repatterning practitioner, Person-Centered Expressive Therapist and Wellness and Well-being Coach who works with people of all ages by phone, Skype, proxy or in-person. To registe for personal Resonance Repatterning sessions to create greater wellness and well-being in your life, contact her at http://windowstotheheart.net



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