Aug 7, 2017

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Repattern Your Life for Abundance Personal Sessions

  What is the first thing you think of when you think of abundance?  Is it money or finances?  Something you get from the outside world?

What if you knew that resonating with internal abundance was instead what makes it possible to really experience greater health,  happiness and prosperity in your life?

The integrity of your vital life energy creates the quality of flow, success, drive, power and focus you have to interact with abundance in your life. This is the purpose of this Repattern Your Life for Abundance Repatterning session.


Resonating with abundance allows you to tune in to what is possible instead of being resistant to new opportunities and possibilities around you.  Connecting to the inner stream of support and nurture truly creates the potential for seeing, hearing, and being in the stream of limitless possibilities.

There are many reasons that you might not feel connected to this stream of abundance. These reasons might be related to:

  • generational or family patterns
  • limiting beliefs about money, success or power
  • a traumatic experience that changed how you view the world
  • your patterns and habits of depleting your own energy
  • how you feel diminished or devalued in life
  • your beliefs about self-care
  • disharmony and imbalance in giving and receiving
  • how you value your life and spirit purpose.

Being in the stream of abundance is about taking on the inner flow, power, resilience and vital energy of the stream itself.~Kimberly Rex  (

Stream at Nooksack Falls~photo by Kimberly Rex

So,  I’d like to invite you to take part in a personal Abundance repatterning to shift and transform your life so that you experience more abundant life energy to be in the stream of health, happiness and abundance in every area of your life!

Register below for a personal 45 or 60-minute session to create greater harmony and well-being in your experience of abundance here:

Repattern Your Life for Abundance Resonance Repatterning Session


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