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Polarity Therapy: A Healing Discipline in Resonance Repatterning

We experience life in energy circuits. In Polarity Therapy, created by Dr. Randolph Stone, the energy vortexes of your body each have a positive, negative and neutral pole much like an electrical current. He applied this knowledge in working with patients to treat injuries, pain and decreased energy after studying the Chakra Energy System from Ayurveda in India.

We live in a dualistic world: feminine, masculine, right/left, top/bottom, front/back, passive/ assertive, inside/out, the importance of each pole creates a unit of energy flow. In this system front, right side, and top is correlated with the positive pole and the feminine. Back, left side and bottom of the body is associated with the masculine. The neutral pole is the center of the body, the spine, and that which harmonizes the masculine with the feminine.

The relationship of these poles creates charged currents which nourish and regulate the energy functions of your physical, emotional and mental body. When an energy center associated with the endocrine system is out of balance, over or under-energized, tipped or disrupted by unresolved shock, trauma or loss, the exchange between these poles creates disrupted energy flow.

Polarity Therapy

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Disrupted Energy: Dr. Stone taught that where there is pain in the body, it is an indication of disrupted or blocked energy. In order to address the issue, pressure or support is applied to that area to increase energy flow and smooth out crystallization of energy blocked in that space. Energy imbalance in one particular polar area impacts the other poles and the energy circuit between them residing in both conscious and unconscious material. Through working with Polarity Therapy, somatic information can be accessed and transformed.

Disrupted Flow: This energy flow affects the circulation of energy much like the process of breathing. Imagine, for example, that you only had the ability to inhale, or only be able to exhale. Being stuck in either of these phase locks would limit your ability take in life or energy for nourishment to replenish yourself internally, or be able to move out into the world after releasing what was needed by letting go.

The greatest mystery in the universe is man himself. ~Dr. Randolf Stone

Fractal Awareness: Your hands, feet and face are fractals of your entire body. By massaging or working with smaller areas of your body, you can impact the larger systems of your body for increased energy flow, wellness and well-being. To find out how you can put this into practice directly, listen to the recording with this link here.Ā 

Resonance RepatterningĀ® incorporates the principles of Polarity Therapy in a number of Chakra Repatternings, as well as using this beneficial discipline as a modality when needed in sessions. This is done by muscle-checking for the exact needed chakra and pole(s) to support and benefit positive change. By working with this modality, greater harmony and balance is achieved emotionally, mentally, physically and overall.

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