Aug 21, 2018

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Listen to 2018 International Day of Peace Repatterning

This year the International Day of Peace celebrated 70 years of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. This FREE virtual group repatterning  recording  was offered with a focus on working with our connected resonance with these rights on a personal level.

This FREE 60-minute virtual  group session recording is available when you sign up below. This session works with the process of Resonance Repatterning®, and allows you to receive the benefit of the work from any place on the planet by listening to the recording.


This is your personal invitation to create greater harmony and peace in your own life.

When you register to receive our FREE monthly newsletter you will receive the International Day of Peace for 2018 recording,  an eBook entitled, 8 Natural Ways to Navigate Your Life in these Stressful Times, and an Earth Day Repatterning that allows you to heal your relationship with your body and the Earth.

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Kimberly Rex and Windows to the Heart Repatterning have been offering the International Day of Peace Repatterning since 2008.  Because New Physics tells us that at the energetic level we are all connected, we know that even a small action in one part of the world that shifts resonance with human rights to create greater peace has an impact. Because of this, we also know that creating personal peace impacts world peace.

More on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights:


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