Jul 8, 2016

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How Does a Resonance Repatterning Session Create Positive Change?


There are many ways that positive change is created in the process of Resonance Repatterning®. Each session is unique to the specific needs of the client related to tapping into the innate wisdom of their body-mind system through the resonance muscle-checking method done either in-person on behalf of the client through the process while on the phone or as a proxy. The overall benefits of the process include the following potentials that create a bridge between the past, present and future through working with problems into opportunities or intentions for a new possibility. This happens through one or combination of the following in this nurturing, supportive, natural process.

A Resonance Repatterning session:

1. Creates new personal and relationship awareness: The Resonance Repatterning process builds insight into your life patterns, including internal messages, information, feelings and behaviors you live that either stand in the way of you making positive change or experiencing greater integrity in your wellness, communication, interactions and sense of well-being.


2. Builds coherence in your Body-Mind Field: The process, works with information stored within your own bio-energetic field and includes working with your organs, tissues, muscles, and glands, as well as with the interconnected function between systems. This means that a session accesses where both individual and collective interaction create dis-ease through a lack of harmony and balance. Identifying this information at its root in your system at the time and place where it became imbalanced through the Resonance Muscle Checking System, allows your system to retrace and update information that is needed to restore better communication and systemic functioning.

3. Fuses in new information: In cases where information is needed support for being placed within the body-mind system, an update is created through in the exact location, time-frame, and sequential way that is needed. At times, both forgiveness and retrieval of quality is needed for this to happen so that there is a freeing of life energy and movement towards new possibilities to experience in your life through resonating with this energizing information. This is done with frequency through color, light, sound, movement, breath and energetic contact modalities combined with consciousness science working with information in your body-mind system where needed, and even at the sub-atomic level.

4. Diffuses information from your body-mind field: When there has been a significant trauma or event that needs release, diffusion works where the energy needs release within the body-mind system from the root of its origin and the sequential modalities needed to free your body-mind system of this disharmony. This can also be experienced in the process through working with an Earlier Experience that created the root of the issue that interferes with movement towards resolution and facing life more fully. Diffusion happens through a number of modalities in Resonance Repatterning and includes the work of Family Systems material in some cases.

5. Changes Energy Constriction to   Energy Construction: At times within a session, it is necessary to work with a specific energy that is stuck and obstructs working on the next steps in the process of creating new possibilities. By first accessing the place where energy is knotted and working with the communication needed for the constricted life energy to release, the greater opportunity is created for moving beyond the obstacle created by the stored imbalance or blockage. This creates a passage for new constructive patterns that take you beyond the memory imprint and roadblock.


6. Releases and Resolves Limiting Patterns: Once patterns are located and roadblocks are transformed to stepping-stones, your personal attitudes, beliefs and concept of time alter and allow you to resonate with your underlying needs that will create momentum for positive change through resonating with more coherent material that is life-enhancing for next steps.

7. Updates and Manifests: A shift in where your life energy is dedicated builds a deeper consciousness and connection to your life and spirit purpose. Through opening channels for more ideal energy flow in your body-mind system aligned with greater coherence, you literally see life differently, and experience more coherent life energy for taking action to resolve issues you are facing or to begin anew in an area of your life that you would like to experience positive change.

8. Considering Choices: The increase in sense of well-being and quality of life energy allows you to see and experience new possibilities and resonate with the opportunities in your life. You will feel more oriented towards life-enhancing choices, and recognize more easily those choices that lead away from or towards your positive intentions with greater discernment, felt sense, and from a greater sense of authenticity.

What to Expect After a Resonance Repatterning Session?

1. You might find yourself needing process time. This can happen through daydreaming, dreams, and include an increased need for rest. As your Nervous System releases material that has taken up time and space with your life energy dedicated to “being strong” in the midst of non-coherence, being able to release this material is like putting down a large bundle or piece of luggage that you have carried. Sometimes this luggage is a belief or stress that you have carried for years. Sometimes it is material you have carried out of love and duty to your family. Ongoing generational beliefs often originate long before your lifetime, yet, the life energy required to carry the material takes up your time, life energy and emotional space. This affects how you see the world and interact with others on a day-to-day basis. However, once you resonate with not having to carry this material, your body gets to acknowledge the amount of energy it took to carry it and then resonates with rest. Rest creates the needed resolution and healing so that your bio-energetic field can return to more ideal functioning in the optimal time that your system needs.

2. You might feel more uneasy in some places in your life while feeling more at home in others. This is an invitation for discernment and realignment with your authentic self. This leads, in some cases, to make changes that may seem small at first, but over time and with new insights, begin to notice how you see yourself and others differently, and in some cases create significant life-altering adjustments and changes. This can show up through a shift of direction in your life more aligned with your sense of life or spirit purpose. Some clients have changed what they do for a living, change where they live, change how they eat, reconnect with loved ones, experience a greater sense of inner peace, understanding, compassion, and forgiveness, and live with less conflict, frustration, and fear.   You will notice where and when you resonate with your new intentions. You will have more enthusiasm, and feel more capable of goal-setting and following through with the steps, resources, and knowledge you have gained in your session.

3. Positive Actions in the Process: At the end of each session, the facilitator checks to see if there is any particular action needed to further and deepen the work of a personal session. The information within your system created by shifts in a session might need  also require certain actions need to be taken to stabilize and create new possibilities through muscle-checking through a list of Positive Actions. Examples could include activities like changing what you eat, detoxifying the electromagnetic influence in your sleeping area, communication with another person, or a health related process to enhance your overall sense of wellness and well-being.

Once you shift your resonance and perception of what is happening within, new doorways and possibilities open. Listen for guidance, and follow your heart. New possibilities await when you are awake to them.

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