Jul 2, 2018

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Engaging the 4 Gifts of Your Heart Repatterning

Open Heart, Full Heart, Strong Heart, and Clear Heart

In Chinese Medicine, Fire Element is associated with summer. This element works with your Heart, Heart Protector, Triple Heater and Small Intestine Meridians. Working directly with Fire  Element transforms your ability to benefit from engaging 4 gifts of your heart: an Open, Full, Strong and Clear Heart in your life. This allows you to create greater harmony and balance to your life through resonating with greater joy, fun, relationship and connection with others.
   The four gifts of your heart also purify your intentions with discernment which allows your to experience greater safety and trust on your journey. This Element allows you to create balance and harmony in all your relationships so you feel more energized by your interactions naturally and easily. Read more details about the Four Gifts of Your Heart here.
  Summertime is a great time to  experience a personal  Resonance Repatterning® session to engage the 4 Gifts of Your Heart: an Open, Full, Strong and Clear Heart. This session focuses on listening to the wisdom of your heart while expanding your connections to life and others with discernment, compassion and vitality.

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Engaging the 4 Gifts of Your Heart Repatterning Options

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May 20, 2018

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Add Your Voice to World Oceans Day Virtual Session

“Even if you never have the chance to see or touch the ocean, the ocean touches you with every breath you take, every drop of water you drink, every bite you consume. Everyone, everywhere is inextricably connected to and utterly dependent upon the existence of the sea.”
~ Sylvia A. Earle

Add your voice to this FREE virtual Resonance Repatterning® session to heal our oceans. This repatterning takes place on World Oceans Day, June 8th at 5 pm Pacific and 8 pm Eastern time.  Wherever you live, you are affected by the quality of life of our oceans.  Your health and well-being depend on its vitality and connection for personal and global wellness.  You can take part from any place on the planet!

This 60-minute virtual group session begins with a Focus Questionnaire where you can add your positive intentions and concerns. This is followed by a teleconference that will be recorded so you can listen at your own leisure to receive the benefit of working at the quantum level to create a ripple effect for positive change for our oceans and our planet.

The oceans of the world affect us all. Here is your personal invitation to add your voice to this World Oceans Day Virtual Repatterning from wherever you live on the planet.

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Mar 13, 2018

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Healing Our Relationship with the Earth Virtual Group Repatterning

A Virtual Group Repatterning for Earth Day on April 20, 2018


Our relationship with the planet affects the life energy flow of the entire system.  Separation from the nurture and support of the Earth itself creates a blindness to our mutual need for sustainability. Knowing that we are connected to the cycles and rhythm of the Earth is essential to resonate with appreciation for the support we received. This supports us in taking right action. Creating the tipping point in this time to harmonize and balance our wellness and well-being requires that we heal our relationship with the Earth.

“Action on behalf of life transforms. Because the relationship between self and the world is reciprocal, it is not a question of first getting enlightened or saved and then acting. As we work to heal the earth, the earth heals us.”
~ Robin Wall Kimmerer

You can still listen to this virtual group  Resonance Repatterning® session from any part of the Earth.

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“From poisoning and injuring marine life to disrupting human hormones, from littering our beaches and landscapes to clogging our waste streams and landfills, the exponential growth of plastics is now threatening the survival of our planet. In response, Earth Day 2018 is dedicated to providing the information and inspiration needed to fundamentally change human attitude and behavior about plastics.”~Earth Day Network



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Jan 25, 2018

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Taking the Journey from Fear to Love with Resonance Repatterning

To start the journey from fear to love, it is important to identify the origin of the original fear with safe and loving support. Resonance Repatterning® works with the fact that unconscious information from the map of your life and ancestral history is stored in your Nervous System.  This process is able to access habitual unconscious reactive material from your family and unresolved earlier experiences. The resulting opportunity is to transform fear from the past into greater sense of love, clarity, sense of direction, resilience and positive life energy in the present.

How Resonance Repatterning Allows you to Take the Journey from Fear to Love

One of the many healing disciplines that Resonance Repatterning® works with is the Chinese Five Element and Meridian System. Fear is the non-coherent quality of the Water Element related to your kidneys and bladder. The coherent aspect of this element benefits you in your ability to connect with the vital essence of your ancestors, and through that possibility creating more optimal life energy for your own life.

Taking the journey from fear to the heart means identifying where fear resides in your body-mind system. Transforming the emotion and the Nervous System response happens in the present to free you to new possibility of living more in the calm and flowing support of your heart. This happens when you are able to transform your limiting thoughts, attitudes and beliefs from fear sources in your life so that you are more present to the opportunities in front of you right now.

An important aspect of Water Element is going with the flow of life even when there are obstacles. The ability to connect with others in a way that listens to your internal needs as you hear what another is saying allows for the ability to respond with greater clarity in the present.

Imagine being able to experience

  • calm and connection to your inner cleverness and resourcefulness
  • better ability to reflect and adapt to  stressful situations
  • ability to pace yourself through projects and life goals
  • better ability to care of your own boundaries in relationship and ask for help when needed
  • the ability to move into your heart, feeling more connected to the wisdom of love over fear
  • increasing benefits for your energy reserves, clarity and sense of direction

This is your invitation to take the journey moving out of fear into the wisdom of your heart to respond to life with greater clarity, sense of direction and compassion with monthly healing modalities and repatterning events from Windows to the Heart Repatterning.

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Jan 1, 2018

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Creating Light in the Darkness: 4 Seasons to Change Your World


Would you like to experience a reset in your life as you consider the new year? You are an electromagnetic being of light. It is possible to create positive and sustainable sense of hope, enthusiasm and positive life energy within your self no matter what is happening in the world around you by creating more light within. By doing so, you amplify more light into the world for positive change.

Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom.~Viktor Frankl

This is your personal invitation to take part in (4) Resonance Repatterning® virtual group sessions wherever you live on the planet to amplify your light for your own wellness and well-being, and into the world throughout 2018.

4 Seasons of Creating Light for Positive Change 

These four seasonal sessions dove-tail into one another, and are offered in their prominent season based on Traditional Chinese Medicine. Because of these inter-dependent functions, it is important to engage the healing of all these seasons in order to heal internal conflict and dissonance related to your mental, emotional, physical and spirit. By doing so you will be more in tune with the natural rhythms of life while orienting yourself to new possibilities for greater harmony, love and joy throughout 2018 and beyond.

1) Winter Session on February 17, 2018

This session will work with releasing blocks related to fear. When fear is predominate, it makes it difficult to discern what is a current danger or whether it is a residual thought, belief, or attitude about a stressful event from the past.

This impacts your ability to retain information accurately in the present. It affects the amount and quality of life energy or vitality your have, your ability to remember important information, and your ability to hear things clearly. This session will work with transforming fear so that you have greater access to being in the present and to your own life energy.

2) Spring Session on April 14, 2018

This session will work with healing and transforming frustration and anger. When your emotions are distorted anger and frustration, it impacts the way you see the world The ability to modulate your emotional responses to your external environment has an effect on your internal response to challenges.

It keeps you from considering that there might be another alternative or possibility. Your decision-making process becomes clouded, and your body-mind system’s ability to prioritize and use your energy for your benefit becomes compromised. This session will work with transforming anger and frustration to create a new way of seeing with a greater sense of optimism, focus and energy for your positive intentions.

3) Summer Session on July 28, 2018

This session will focus on healing your heart and creating greater self-mastery from a conscious, coherent perspective and long-term action. This session will focus on the 5 functional responsibilities of the heart including consciousness, thinking, imagination and planning, the ability to modulate emotions and long term memory. This session will focus on integrating the work from the Winter and Spring Sessions to inform your heart for long-term harmonizing updates to your body-mind system.

4) Fall Session on September 26, 2018

This session will work directly with the wisdom of the first three sessions. The focus of this session will be to work with affirming and cultivating your inner gifts, and resonating with your capacity for authoring your life with this acknowledgement. This session will create inspiration and nurture for dedicating your life purpose through sharing your inner gifts and talents with support and nurture in your life.

How Re-pattern Your Life Virtual Group Sessions Work

When you sign up for these  4 sessions, you will receive a personal and confidential focus questionnaire that will work with a theme related to that each part of the year prior to the date of the session. Each of these virtual 60-minute group sessions will be available to attend LIVE online, and also as recordings you can listen to at your leisure, as many times as you like for greatest benefit. Each session will work with your intentions from the questionnaire, provide meditations, healing modalities and positive actions to continue the benefit of the transformation process. You will receive all of this information in the recording and via email

Sign up for this 4 Session Program by February 15, 2018 and receive 25% off total cost. Each session is $32.00 for a total of $128.00. When you sign up for all four sessions before February 15, 2018, however, the total cost is only $96.00. That’s four sessions for the price of three.

Creating Light: 4 Virtual 60 minutel Group Sessions

2018 Re-pattern Your Life Series materials and publication: Kimberly Rex, MS from Windows to the Heart Repatterning. ©Copyright. All rights reserved.

Kimberly Rex, MS is a certified Resonance Repatterning, Person-Centered Expressive Therapist and Wellness and Well-being Life Coach. She works with clients all over the world in personal and group sessions that create greater integrity in your wellness and well-being.

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Nov 11, 2017

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Invitation to Breathe~Free Repatterning

This month as we continue the journey through fall, the invitation is to look at inspiration and letting go. This is exemplified most directly through your breath process. Breathing in you take in life energy to inspire you in all that you do and feel. Breathing out you let go of that which is not needed in your body-mind system as just one of the magnificent processes you are automatically involved in every second of your life.
For this reason, it is important to look at where your breathing cycle might be stuck, interrupted or blocked so that you can restore the natural breathing cycle to breathe~ free by repatterning your life for greater vitality and nourishment today for your wellness and well-being!

The Beginning Breath Cycle

Entry into the physical world through the birth process influences your breath patterns of taking nurture from your mother while in the process of integrating the new environment you have entered. When there is a traumatic birth, or the infant is removed too soon from in utero connection or nourishment, there can be long-term negative effects related to breathing patterns that show up as issues related to shock, pain and fear. Physically, this might show up as long term challenges with asthma, smoking in order to try to take a breath, or over stimulation through sports activity in attempt to fully fill your lungs.

Impact of Trauma on Your Breathing

The natural in and outflow of breath within your body is directly associated with your feelings. The way you breathe gives you feedback on how you are experiencing life and your emotions. This can be in response to an event, communication or situation in your present, or the effects of unresolved trauma and shock from your birth process, or in your life from the past. This shows up as an ongoing stress response that shows up in your body-mind system through your breath patterns.

Becoming aware of where you continuously hold your breath, breathe in shallowly, or  breathe out excessively like sighing gives you a read-out on how you receive and integrate vital life energy from the air you breathe in. This has an impact on both the quality of life energy you have for your body-mind system, and also directly affects how you respond to daily challenges and stress. Your breathing patterns impact how you feel in response to stress, and influences  your ability to relax including your ability to let go of negative issues impacting your view of life.

By resolving and updating your life-depleting breath patterns you will notice a positive change in your life in your mood and physical energy. This, in turn, benefits you in orienting you towards life-energizing choices by creating more vital energy for your positive intentions.

Breathe to Heal TED Talk with Max Strom

“Because you are breathing in, it is a miracle. You are celebrating that you are alive.”~Thich Nhat Hanh

This is your invitation to identify what your body-mind system in reporting through your breathing patterns. Resonance Repatterning® works with identifying and transforming patterns embedded in your unconscious body-mind system stored in your Nervous System to resolve pre-natal, birth process and life-depleting traumatic experiences. Your body is designed for self-healing. It is designed for success. This repatterning is designed to allow you to move on from limiting breath cycles so you can breathe free!

Kimberly Rex, MS is a Certified Master Life Coach, Resonance Repatterning Practitioner and Person-Centered Expressive Therapist who helps you achieve your life goals by phone, Skype, in-person or proxy.

Here is an opportunity to continue on the path with monthly healing modalities and repatterning events from Windows to the Heart Repatterning.

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