Apr 3, 2018

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It Takes Harmony and Balance for Wellness and Well-being

Often, in working with Resonance Repatterning ®, we refer to creating greater harmony and balance in your body-mind system. While I have heard some healing practitioners speak to the need only for harmony, this article speaks to the need for harmony as well as balance to experience greater integrity in your wellness and well-being.

What is Harmony?

If you have every played an instrument, you know that it takes at least two tones or notes to create harmony. As a child I used to sing with my brother as he played guitar. He would sing the melody, and I would sing the harmonizing melody to his lead. The chords he played themselves were a number of notes with intervals that created greater tonal richness than playing a single note at a time. The harmonic overtones and vibrations carried a melodic communication, as well as a relationship between notes that created emotion, rhythm, frequency and meaning.

Your body-mind system works in concert with communication between cells, tissues, organs, glands, muscles, and Nervous System. Endocrine, neurotransmitter, enzyme and hormone function are affected by these connections and vice versa.

Here is an example from Dr. Eric H. Chudler from the University of Washington of this InteractionHow Nervous System Interacts with Other Systems of the Body

 What is Balance?

Balance is related to the impact of one element or tone with another. Imagine singing with someone else, or playing an instrument that is either too LOUD or too soft. In either case, the full harmonic effect is lost as one note drowns out another.

Another example is related to cooking. A several years ago, I used a recipe from a Hallmark card for Irish Soda bread.. The recipe called for ¼ cup of salt. Because I trusted the brand, I proceeded even though I wondered about the amount. I’m sure you know the outcome. The bread tasted like a very salty pretzel, and it was basically inedible. Too much of this ingredient in the blend of this recipe changed the overall quality of the overall function to create this slightly sweet bread.

In Chinese Medicine, your organ systems serve each other through both nurture and limitation to enhance your overall quality of life. Through shared responsibility, each organ relates to other organs in ways that give nurture, support, energy, detoxification, and circulation thus contributing to your overall health.

 What happens when one part of your body-mind system moves out of balance?

There is a loss in ability to communicate with the rest of your body-mind system in a way that works with the overall process. When this happens, other parts of your body-mind system can begin to create more force to compensate, or could slow down, block or interrupt communication when overwhelmed.

In Resonance Repatterning, pain is a blockage, interruption or disruption of energy. Creating better energy flow relies on both harmonizing and creating greater balance between your organ and meridian systems.

What impacts Harmony and Balance in Your System?

A number of factors including stress, interruption of sleep cycles, poor diet, toxins, lack of sunlight, or even emotional overwhelm over time can create imbalance in communication between the cells and organ systems of your body.

Being able to listen to the information your body reports to you through your energy levels, emotions, and repetitive patterns you notice in your daily wake and sleep cycles lets you know where you would benefit in creating greater harmony and balance in of your health, thought processes, limiting beliefs and attitudes that impact your sense of well-being.

For example, we know that increased stress can change heart beat, breath rate, blood pressure, and energy flow in your body. Current science speaks to the relationship between your physical, emotional, mental cause and effect issues.

In Resonance Repatterning, harmonizing even one of these levels has a holographic impact on other levels of your wellness and well-being. You are wired for success and self-healing. The inter-connected communication system in your body-mind system allows you to experience greater harmony and balance.  And, this process works with the wisdom from your own body-mind system to identify where and how restore greater harmony, communication and balance in your body-mind system.

Would you like to receive natural ways to build greater harmony and balance in your wellness and well-being? Here is an opportunity  with monthly healing modalities and repatterning events from Windows to the Heart Repatterning.

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Re-pattern your life to experience greater integrity in your wellness and well-being!

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Apr 1, 2018

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The Nurture of Color for Your Wellness and Well-Being

As spring unfolds in color, light and sound, are you feeling a change in mood? The nurture of color in plants in flowers, vegetables, herbs, trees, and fruits are gifts from Mother Nature. These colors are frequencies of nurture for your wellness and well-being.

Over this past weekend, my family and I created a full-spectrum meal with herbs, vegetables and fruits. Every color and scent was beauty and the intensity of flavor was welcomed as a gift from sunlight, earth, water and color working together to create wholeness-health. Like plants, we need sunlight, water and the frequencies of the Earth. Your body creates life energy based on the quality of your relationship with these sources.

This is in stark contrast to junk food that has been removed many times from the natural connection to sunlight through processing or synthetic substitution. There’s a good reason your mother made you eat your vegetables and fruits before you left the table when you were developing muscles, bones, teeth, and brain/nervous system.

In fact, when you look at fruits and vegetables you’ll find amazing messages from mother nature about purpose and health.

Mother Nature provides growth, balance, harmony in so many ways.  Here are just some of the benefits of making sure you eat more color.

1) Red: Red foods promote heart health. Of the top 20 anti-oxidant fruits and vegetables, seven are red. These include strawberries, cranberries, raspberries, cherries, red grapes, beets and red peppers. By including these antioxidant foods in your diet you can reduce damage caused by free radicals in your environment and in what you ingest. These foods contain Vitamin E.

2) Orange-Yellow: Yellow foods help reduce hypertension. Eat carrots, sweet potatoes, corn, yellow potatoes, oranges, grapefruit, mangoes, cantaloupe, pumpkin. squash, apricots, bananas and the spice, Turmeric. Cook with onions and garlic. These foods contain Vitamins B and A.

3) Green: Green is a master healer protecting against cancer, degeneration of vision, and protects the heart. Eat cabbage, avocado, spinach, kale, watercress, parsley, okra, brussel sprouts, broccoli, Romaine lettuce, collard greens, celery, kiwis, and asparagus. Add green herbs like basil, chives, sage, etc. in your cooking.

The chlorophyll in green foods has been associated with inhibiting cancer and slowing the growth of bacteria. The lutein in spinach and kale help ward off macular degeneration and cataracts.

The super antioxidant alpha-lipoic acid in asparagus, avocados, artichoke and raw spinach defends against oxidation assaults, stroke, heart attack and cataracts. It also helps to protect your brain and strengthen your memory.

Avocados and alfalfa sprouts help lower your cholesterol. Asparagus helps strengthen capillary walls. Artichokes help to treat liver toxicity. Broccoli fights cancer and blocks estrogen receptors in breast cancer cells. One serving of two medium kiwis has twice the Vitamin C of one orange. Drinking green tea has antioxidant benefits. Foods in the green range contain chlorophyll.

4) Blue-Purple/Violet: Blueberries  are stars in protecting the brain. Known as the “starberry” to Native Americans, blueberries contain Vitamin C, A, and B. Purple plants hold the frequency of Vitamin D. These include eggplants, purple grapes, raisins, blackberries, and other berries in the blue-purple range.

How to Get Started: 1) Work with “ROYGBIV” (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet): Take inventory of the colors you eat most often. Make a list of colors in the color wheel that you are missing. 2) Spend time in the produce/organic section when shopping to find these colors. 3) Choose the most vibrantly colored fruits and vegetables. They have the most nutrition. 4) Find ways to include more color in meals and snacks by adding fruit and/or raisins to cereal, trail mixes, salads, and yogurt. Add different veggies to your salads and dips. Eat fruit as a snack. 5) Look up new recipes for ways to use fruit and/or vegetables you are missing in your diet. 6) Eat more salads and/or make more meals throughout the week that are  vegetarian!

7) Check out the book, The Color Code: A Revolutionary Eating Plan for Optimum Health by James A. Joseph, Ph. D, Daniel A. Nadeau, M.D. and Anne Underwood 






Would you like to receive more natural ways to to build integrity in your wellness and wellbeing? Here is an opportunity to continue on the path with monthly healing modalities and repatterning events from Windows to the Heart Repatterning.

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Mar 15, 2018

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5 Messages for Life from the Green Heart of the Forest

In taking a walk this morning through the forest, I was looking for evidence that winter had turned the corner, and that the Earth was opening to spring.What I experienced was much more than I expected. Entering the woods behind my home,the ground was soft with both leaves and plants that had mixed with the earthen floor. There was a tenderness that supported the complex structure of this old growth cedar forest.

These five messages from the green heart of the forest are beneficial for many areas of living day-to-day for business, health and wellness, relationship and greater sense of well-being.

1. Footwork

~photo by Kimberly Rex

~photo by Kimberly Rex

Sometimes you’re not quite sure what direction to move or how to plan for next steps. Being tender to yourself in your process as you choose your steps is beneficial. This will help you to nourish your inner needs, and  that allows you to build structures that are sustainable and enduring.



2. Nurture on the Path

~photo by Kimberly Rex

~photo by Kimberly Rex

In the forest, all of what is living and all that has been let go is useful. Trees that have fallen or been snapped apart are nurseries for new growth. Leaves cover the forest floor to continue feeding new life.

Finding a branch, a trunk or a level place to grow supports the journey.

Starting a new project, considering change or entering a new phase of your life can be nourished by your experiences from the past, and can include mentors and teachers who have offered or offer encouragement and insight to life. Call upon the wisdom of your experiences and others who have been in similar situations. This can also be a message about finding others working with similar issues or projects to study with or network to everyone’s mutual benefit.

3. Learn from Obstacles

~photo by Kimberly Rex

~photo by Kimberly Rex

Tangled branches on a path that you thought would be clear show up as places in your life where your life energy is still dedicated. When this happens spend time in this space looking more deeply where you are to take in what is involved.

When there are setbacks, indecision and difficulties with timing, it’s an opportunity to consider the pace of your life and your plans. Look more deeply at where your inner needs are not being heard. Are you in rhythm with life? Is there something that you are not seeing? Are you acknowledging your needs for quality time, food, sunlight, water, relationship and rest?

When we feel stuck, going nowhere–even starting to slip backward–we may actually be backing up to get a running start.~Dan Millman

4. Gratitude

~photo by Kimberly Rex

~photo by Kimberly Rex

After walking about 15 minutes, I came to a steep run-off that looked down to a rapid running stream of water. I considered climbing down to the stream, yet realized that I was unwilling to make the climb back up to the top. Instead, I breathed in the air of nurture from the forest all around. While I stood there, I placed my hand on a huge cedar tree, and felt its dampness glistening in the sun. I brought both hands and then my heart to this tree, and as I’ve done many times in the past, thanked the trees for this wonderful life-giving oxygen.

Gratitude for the path and each step makes life more enjoyable. When you are unable to take a next step or feel discouraged, frustrated or anxious, being grateful for what is in front of you that perhaps you haven’t yet acknowledged as resources, guidance, and support helps you re-center and experience life-giving energy.

5. Archways and Doorways

~photo by Kimberly Rex

~photo by Kimberly Rex


As I placed my back to the cedar tree I saw a wonderful archway that I hadn’t seen on my journey into the forest. I more felt centered, more optimistic and hopeful. It felt like a wonderful invitation to move through a new doorway.

All experience is an arch, to build upon. ~Henry Adams

Once you shift your resonance and perception of what is happening within, new doorways and possibilities open. Listen for guidance, and follow your heart. New possibilities await when you are awake to them.

Here is an opportunity to continue on the path with monthly healing modalities and repatterning events from Windows to the Heart Repatterning.

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Mar 10, 2018

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Timing is Everything: Resonating with Now

Timing is Everything” is a saying that applies to a sense of place in the world, the process of meeting up with others on your path, your creativity, relationships, and business opportunities. We look at the world through the lens of time related to punctuality, missed, lost or potential opportunities, pace of work, being on time, being early or too late. Time is superimposed over both your sense of space and amount of “time” beginning with your birth and throughout your life. Resonating with now is an incredible benefit of the Resonance Repatterning® process to reclaim life energy for your positive intentions in the present.

As a bio-energetic being you also have an innate,and natural bio-energetic relationship with timing through the workings of your organ system. You have a need for both light and dark for your health. You need physical movement and sleep. You also need support for the transition from early childhood to childhood, puberty, menses to post-menses, and the need for personal time within the ocean of responsibilities of your daily life.

The dance of cultural time, timing and meaning you give to any part of the process can be beneficial or challenging. Your resonance is key in how you meet these events and situations in your life based on cultural, physical, emotional and spirit beliefs, attitudes and thoughts in the present. This makes all the difference in the quality of your living in the present while living in the world at large.

This article speaks to the possibilities for shifting your perception of time and time in the present by transforming your resonance with timing through the eyes of the Resonance Repatterning ® process. Sessions update your memory bank so that you experience more beneficial resonance with your life today affecting your self-care, mindfulness that impacts your wellness and well-being.

1. Birth Process Repatterning:

According to Dr. Watson and Ray Castellino, our birth process holds the key to the patterns you experience in your relationships for the rest of your life. The timing of your birth related to any complications, being early or late from this view also influences your resonance with time.

“Human beings are affected by their environment as soon as they have an environment, and that means as soon as they are implanted in the womb… People are conceiving, carrying and birthing children under increasingly stressful conditions.  Stress that affected one generation will be played out in the next generation.  When we see dysfunction in people, we’re actually seeing the imprint.”~Gabor Mate, PhD

If you were born “late,” for example, you might resonate in life with missed opportunities, feeling like you need to compensate by deliberating over making a decision for a long period of time, not feeling like it is possible without lengthy time to consider, or even resonating with “Life is not safe.” The information within your body-mind system that is accessed through Resonance Repatterning sessions details the specifics about the situation around your birth related to your parent’s stress or felt sense that something was missing or created dis-ease.

2.  Sound Frequency Repatterning: Everything in the Universe is frequency expressed in light particles and sound waves. When you are born, you register a birth note for this repatterning based on the month and date you were born. With this information, and with the issue you bring to the process on which you’d like to transform, this session identifies how the frequency of your birth note relates to the challenging relationship or situation. This is done by looking at other primary birth notes such as your parent, parents, self, or relationship. We have all experienced how two notes can sound harmonious to us, and we all have experienced sounds or music that has felt disharmonious. Working with both the coherent and non-coherent aspect of relationship between notes, greater insight,harmony and balance are created.

3. Life Cycle Repatterning: Moving, experiencing a loss of any kind, or making change requires a shift in your orientation to life. It also requires a change in how you think. Your sense of well-being and health in the process relies on your resonance with previous change, and the amount and quality of support you received. It also relies on your resonance with how you meet challenges, as a problem or an opportunity. Connecting to the natural rhythms of change within any time in your life from birth, to early childhood, to puberty, family-building, transitions of family members through marriage, moves and death, long-term health issues, or transition into elder years are all good material for this specific repatterning process. Getting back into the rhythm of life allows you to connect to the nurture and support that comes from within and from life around you.

Virtually every cell in your body has a biological clock. ~Joseph S. Takahashi, Ph.D.

4. 24 Hour Time Cycle: Repatterning: Throughout the 24-hour cycle daily, your organ and meridian system works internally with communication between all of the organs of your body. There are particular times of the day that certain organ systems are more active while others are less active. The importance of each of the organ’s contribution to your wellness and well-being. When you begin to notice a change in your life related to emotions, lack of sleep or energy, or distress related to particular physical symptoms, this repatterning looks at the specific relationship to your organ and meridian system signaling the need for positive change.

5. Seasonal Repatterning: This repatterning works with the transition from one season to another. As the Earth changes with its journey around the sun, so do we. Being in harmony with transition of the season has a natural and important role to play in your health and sense of well-being. Plants and animals change their behaviors with the seasons that impact their ability to survive. Many times, at seasonal change times, you feel a change in your own personal energy. You might have more or less health challenges like colds, flu, or Seasonal Affective Disorder. Your emotions and physical activity change throughout these cycles. This repatterning creates support for moving through the seasonal changes to create insight, greater energy reserves and support while creating greater harmony within for the process.

6. Five Element and Meridian Repatterning: All of the  Chinese Five Elements and Meridians work together to support your health and well-being. Wood Element related to your Liver and Gallbladder organs and meridian flows within your body influence your sense of time, prioritizing and decision-making. Where there has been frustration and unresolved issues over past experiences, your body-mind system is affected by back-logging energy and your ability to be in rhythm with what is showing up in your life today due to a clouded filter from the past. This can show up with procrastination, being late to events or appointments, and having a difficult time planning. This repatterning begins the process of changing frustration into optimism for positive change in your life.

7. Mastering Time Repatterning: This repatterning addresses your beliefs about time, and creates the opportunity for shifting your perceptions in regards to how you experience time in the moment.  The results of this process allows you to become more focused, calm, joy and capable of taking care of details in the present.

This is your personal invitation to step more fully into the present to experience time and timing in a new way. By doing so, you will have access to a fuller sense of possibilities for how you create, respond and move forward with greater clarity and life energy for your positive intentions.

To explore positive change with timing and time in your life, make an appointment with Kimberly Rex, MS for a personal session by phone, Skype, or in-person. Contact her at kimberly@windowstotheheart.net 

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Feb 15, 2018

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7 Natural Ways to Treat Trauma, Shock and Overwhelm

The following article includes 7 natural ways to treat trauma, shock and overwhelm. These healing modalities collected from the fields of herbalism and aromatherapy, Hanna Somatics, Polarity Therapy, Chinese Five Element and Meridian System, as well as color, light, sound, movement, breath and energetic contacts. 

1. Essential Oils, Herbs and Tea:

Beneficial essential oils for treating trauma, shock and overwhelm include clary sage, lavender, orange, rose, chamomile, Ylang Ylang, Vetiver and Frankincense.* These essential oils are both energizing ad calming in nature. I have used these essential oils first-hand in school settings with students and administrators in the presence of anxiety-producing situations with issues related to accidents, attempted personal harm, grief and need for calming. This was done with simple treatments of carrying tissues with oils in small plastic bags,or placing the tissue in a fan or diffusers. Finding what works best for you is essential to your specific needs.

Making a tea from herbs like chamomile at home will also offer comfort. Making a tea with rose petals and/or hawthorn will offer support for grieving and heartbreak. A tea with citrus especially orange peel is energizing and uplifting. Peeling an orange, inhaling the scent from the peels, and then eating the orange can relieve anxiety.

Using some of these herbs in a warm bath or foot soak can also be supportive. If a bath is not possible, use coconut oil mixed with a calming or energizing essential oil to provide nourishing support massaged on the bottom of your feet.

2. Breathwork and Compassionate Touch: 


3. Movement and Grounding: Taking a walk in nature or sitting in a garden is calming. There are acupressure points that calm and tonify your body-mind system, as well as touch points on your body that can calm and bring you back to center in the midst of trauma.

a) Somatic Trauma Reflex Release: This modality comes from Hanna Somatics and the work of Thomas Hanna, and is especially beneficial for releasing long-standing trauma held in the body: http://kimberlyrex.audioacrobat.com/download/kimberlyrex-traumareflexrelease.mp3

b) Activities to Create Feeling Grounded: How to Ground Yourself to the Present Moment

4. Nourishing Food: When a person is experiencing fear, kidneys and bladder work overtime. According to the Chinese Five Element and Meridian System, this is related to your Water Element. In order to balance your water element, you can work with Earth Element or Metal Element to nourish or balance Water Element. First, Earth Element through resonating with nurture and support. This happens when you know that you can count on inner reserves or resources around you to be there when you need them. Nourishing foods that come from Earth Element include root vegetables, as well as foods that are yellow and orange.

5. Someone You Trust: Having someone be with you if even just in the same room or close by to provide a sense of safety and support is helpful. Water Element needs to be heard for its fear, and also nourished through loving presence of listening. Talk about what you fear, and what you need to feel safe to trust again. Be with people who make you feel safe.

6. Nature and Sound: Metal Element also provides support for Water Element through its supportive nature of providing re-connection to Life Source through getting into the sun, meditation, Yoga, Tai Chi, prayer, or listening to music. This connects you to the support of your spiritual essence. Listen to music with flowing water in the background, or go for a walk next to water.

7. Creating Peace and Quiet: Give yourself the time you need to rest, to cry when you need to, and take space for healingSleep allows you to cleanse toxins and stress from your system. Keep the same routines that you have kept for your sleep schedule. Create comfort in your living space. Wear and sleep in soft fabrics and find ways to bring gentleness into your living and work space. Even if it means carrying something in your pocket that connects you to a feeling of safety, create a loving space that goes with you. It can be a picture of someone you love, a gentle message to yourself or from another person recorded on your cell phone, or a reminder of something that allows you to feel peace. Take a break daily to give yourself loving space for peace and quiet. If you want, you can draw, write, sing, move, play an instrument or walk to express your inner process. Life is energy in motion. Moving through the process of trauma is a whole body experience, and it takes time time and loving support..

This is your invitation to move through the process with the natural and nourishing process of Resonance Repatterning® that relies on the innate wisdom of your own body-mind system to transform trauma, shock and overwhelm naturally. If you have any questions about how to use essential oils, make a tea, blend, or want to schedule a session, please contact:kimberly@windowstotheheart.net

To receive monthly articles like this one with natural healing modalities sign up here: FREE Newsletter with Monthly Healing Modalities and Re-pattern Your Life Resources

*See Directory of specific essential oil usage mentioned in this articleDirectory of Essential Oils

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Feb 14, 2018

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Empowering the Life Energy of Your Relationship

~artwork by Kimberly Rex

~artwork by Kimberly Rex

A number of Resonance Repatterning® sessions written by Chloe Wordsworth, creator of this system, are devoted to empowering the life energy or the Energetics of Relationship. These sessions work with the essential components of relationships: communication, conflict resolution, defenses and the geometric frequency of dis-ease physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

Life is energy in motion. Patterns in your life have broadcasting frequencies of light and sound. The quality of these communications affect how you experience both health and relationship. An interruption, disruption or shut-down of energy within your body-mind system creates pain or dis-ease.

In relationship, the energy that passes between you and another relies on the quality of your inner consciousness, and directly affects how you experience a relationship.

A way of explaining this can be found in the analogy of the workings of a lamp.

  1. Are You Plugged In? A lamp can’t gain access to energy flow without being plugged into the electric source in the wall. In relationship terms this refers to how you resonate with what is healthy and loving for you. Are you feeding yourself healthy foods, thoughts, physical and spiritual nurturing? Is there an unresolved pattern of trauma, loss, shock or abuse that continues to cut you off from experiencing nourishment from healthy companionship and love?
  2. Connection: The cord that runs from the wall to the lamp carries an electric current to help the lamp function. In relationship, keeping it going through spending time with each other, excitement, common goals, mutuality and ability to resolve conflict in a way that keeps it operating and moving towards growth and life-enhancing experience is key. No motivation=no energy to keep the relationship going.
  3.  Keeping the Love Light Burning: The light bulb itself holds the charge or space for the light to glow. In relationship, this is the ability to build on memories and activities that nourish gratitude, fun, compassion and love. This helps keep the attraction going even when there are difficulties or challenges. It’s an energy bank that helps you and your relationship thrive. Your thoughts, words and actions create wave frequency patterns. This also gets played out in relationships with posture, facial expressions, movements, feelings and handwriting.   When your actions are coherent they have a positive and strengthening effect on self and others.  When your actions are non-coherent  they have a weakening and life-depleting effect on self and others. Each person is a part of an interconnecting web of relationship.
  4. Positive Resistance: If there’s too much resistance in a lamp in  the connection between the filaments, the light bulb glows dimly or not at all. In relationship, this can express itself in feeling victimized, inability to set loving boundaries, depression or shutting down. Being closed to positive suggestions or being unwilling to change patterns that could harm the relationship creates resistance. When there’s not enough resistance between the filaments, the energy surge creates a blow up that pops the bulb. In relationship, this is expressed through arguments, blame, and life-depleting habits that harm self and others. This not only depletes your life energy reserves, but also the capacity of reserves for your relationship. When each person in a relationship is able to ground or release their energy in a way that is loving and energizing for self, greater opportunity for mutually energizing relationship is possible. This shows up in self-care through making space to process and nourish self. Examples include movement activities such as Tai Chi, taking a walk, working with breath, getting enough rest, getting in touch with needs, loving touch, getting into nature, expressing yourself through writing, art, music, singing, as well as honoring your life purpose.Any part of the energy circuit can help show where you may need added support. When you release the resistance in your body-mind field that has disrupted your life energy, you then have greater capacity/space for love. You are only able to experience as much love as you allow yourself to acknowledge and resonate with internally. This happens through accessing the circuit itself within the body-mind field to optimize self-healing. In turn, this creates greater resonance with positive health, compassion, discernment, and loving relationship.

And now, I’d like to invite you to explore this topic more deeply by giving yourself the gift of energizing your life and relationship with a personal session. Experience this cutting-edge healing process that creates extraordinary outcomes.

When you sign-up for  Windows to the Heart Repatterning FREE monthly newsletter, you’ll receive an e-book that will offer suggestions for grounding and releasing energy in a way that will help you handle transitions and stress here: Newsletter and Exclusive Re-pattern Your Life Events

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