Jul 2, 2017

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Healing Bonding-Separation Stress Response in Your Relationships

Pen and Ink by Kimberly Rex

Healing bonding-separation stress in your relationships is based on transforming the blueprint for relationship established during your birth process and through your first two years of life. Attachment theory speaks to the need for both bonding with your mother, as well as the need to be able to explore the world through the eyes of curiosity which requires safety and predictability.  This means being able to receive nurture from your mother while also feeling secure enough to explore the world around you.

When the bonding-separation cycles of attachment are interrupted through stressful experience or trauma whether in the birth process, hospital experience, or stressful experiences in your family during your first two years of life, the attachment cycle is disrupted.  When this stress is left unresolved or unhealed, it plays out in your relationships through your adult life through bonding-separation stress response.

This non-coherent information is stored in your nervous system through over-active response with the inability to relax, bond, listen, be receptive, or feel comfort. When this happens, your nervous system gets trapped in a fight or flight response without the ability to discern. In turn, this impacts your ability to connect and bond with the capacity for discernment of safety and trust. It can also impact your ability to manage stress, leading to isolation, or inability to distinguish or separate from people, situations and relationships that are not healthy for you.

Questions to ask yourself:

1.   Do I isolate or have a difficult time connecting with others?
2 .  Is it difficult for me to delegate responsibility or ask for help in my relationships?
3.   Is it difficult for me to let go of a situation or relationship even when it is toxic to me?
4.   Do I tolerate abuse or abusive words from others?
5.   Is it difficult for me to set boundaries or time for myself with self-care?
6.   Do I feel guilty or take all the blame for situations or relationships?
7.   Do I have a tendency to tough it out to stay in control?
8.   Do I feel like a “Mother, Marytr, or Manipulator” in my adult relationships?
9.   Is it difficult to feel like I am in my body instead of always “out there”?
10. Is it difficult to find people with whom I  feel safety and trust?

Experience a Healing Bonding-Separation Stress Response Repatterning 

The purpose of this repatterning is to restore balance between your para-sympathetic and sympathetic nervous system to create greater resilience and ability to set loving boundaries for yourself and with others. You are designed for self-healing and resilience. Your body-mind system is able to update in the present no matter where and when it is in your life. Your body is a map of your life experience. Through the process of Resonance Repatterning® this information can be located and transformed with laser-like precision to experience greater integrity for your needs for safety, trust, and long-term loving bonds in your life.

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