Aug 9, 2018

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Information Within the Webs of Life

On a day-to-day basis you are receiving and experiencing life based on the influences that have informed your body, mind and core essence of self from conception. Your attitudes, beliefs, culture and family structure weave a tapestry of connecting these informational webs of life.

These webs serve a purpose. They allow you to receive nurture, to understand the way the world works, and give structure and meaning beginning even at the most formative stages of development, in your mother’s womb.

This information is passed through the embryonic fluid, through the vibration of sound and tone of your mother’s voice, her stress levels, her preferences for food. and her hormonal responses to the world around her. In Annie Murphy Paul‘s book, Origins: How the Nine Months Before Birth Shape the Rest of Our Lives, she details the research evidence that proves that learning begins earlier than you might think.

  In addition to this information, you are also accessing the generational line of culture, beliefs and health paradigms of your ancestral line in the womb. Your mother developed in your grandmother’s womb. Both your father and mother were fertilized eggs joined by the spark of life created by the union of the egg and sperm of their parents, and so on.

For this reason, it is vital to acknowledge the influence of generational as well as pre-natal information in your experience of life today.

Making Change in Your Time

a The world is rapidly changing with significant requirements for flexibility, resilience and co-creation culturally, economically and environmentally. It is a different life than that of your grandparents, or even your parents. Yet there are lessons to be learned from your ancestral line and your life experiences. This information is stored within your bio-energetic field. By taking the learning from the events, history and belief systems, it is possible to build new paradigms and awaken to new possibilities for a life of greater freedom, self-awareness and understanding.

You are connected to your ancestral line that goes back for many thousand years. In the film Genetic Rivers written by Janus Roze, he speaks of DNA research that looks at ancestral ties across centuries. Within these webs of connection, your ancestors were likely from many places on the planet through trade, shifts in government, slavery, wars, and need for geographical movement for the sake of continuing life. If you were to look back far enough, perhaps you would find that you are indeed joined to many other parts of the planet., languages, religions and belief systems.

The research of Franz Popp details that DNA emits light and can be influenced by shifts in consciousness. These changes have the capacity to create greater wellness and well-being not only for self, but for others through healing in the webs of connection. Your contribution to the web of life is essential. In his film, Genetic Rivers, Janis Roze speaks to both the river of DNA and consciousness that makes you unique in this moment.

The light that you radiate through your choices, actions, words and interactions with others makes a difference on the cellular, personal, relationship and global levels. Know that you are an important link in the web, and you are in the process of awakening to consciousness. “You are the cutting edge of human consciousness that creates the future.” ~Janis Roze    What will your impact be?

For case studies in how sessions with Resonance Repatterning® works with  generational belief systems, please read more here: Honoring the Messages from All Your Relations

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Jul 14, 2018

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Healing Organic Lavender Hydrosol

Lavender is an incredible healing herb. For the past few years I’ve made an organic hydrosol (a water extraction of the essential oils and properties from the plant). This organic plant grows abundantly here in the Pacific Northwest.  It has been known in other parts of the world for its beauty and healing properties for thousands of years.

Experience the nourishing healing energy of this beautiful flower. It serves as an anti-microbial, bacterial and antiseptic. It is a nervine that creates natural calm in your nervous system, as well as having these benefits:

  • Reduces stress
  • relieves pain
  • anti-depressant effects
  • sedative
  • nourishes brain function by preventing oxidative response to brain stress
  • antiseptic
  • heals wounds
  • nourishing for your skin and hair
  • relieves headaches
  • improves sleep
  • insect repellent
  • anti-inflammatory

How to Use this Hydrosol

Spray this lavender water on your skin where you would like to experience its calming and healing antioxidant effects. You can use this spray on insect bites, wounds, and inflamed skin. Spray on a tissue or cotton ball, and carry it with you. When you need stress-relief, inhale the aroma. Place the spray on cloth or cotton ball to place on pillow case as you prepare for sleep. Spray in your hair after you shampoo to treat scalp irritation. Spray in your environment for stress-relief.

Order your 3 oz. Personal Lavender Hydrosol Here: (Quantities Limited)

The cost for this lavender hydrosol is $12.00. This includes shipping within the United States.

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Jul 12, 2018

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Harmonizing the Heart and Home of Your Body-Mind System


The Chinese Five Element and Meridian System acknowledges the relationship between systems in your body as well as the layers of interacting emotions, mental attitudes and quality of life energy available based on the quality of these interactions.

This means that during the summer when the sun, the major solar fire source for the Earth is prominent, the Fire Element,the heart and home of the Emperor in Chinese Medicine of your body-mind system relies on the other elements in your system, and how you interact with all the other parts of your body-mind system.. This is related to your heart, your connection with others, level of life energy, and the value you give to your experiences. All of these factors affect how you use your energy each day of your life.

Inner World

Fire Element plays a prominent role in all the other element’s attributes based on the balanced flow of energy between all within the larger body-mind system. In this article, we will explore two primary relationships with Fire Element: Wood Element that directly nourishes Fire Element and Water Element that limits Fire Element to create greater balance between the organ and meridian system.

Imbalance between these elements can show up with persistently becoming agitated or depressed. This would be related to your Wood-Fire Element relationship. You might also become resentful and withdrawn in your relationships, feeling stuck and victimized. The impact might be an overall sense of sadness, lack of energy, or an increase of feeling emotionally flooded. This would indicate a Fire and Water imbalance.


For this purpose, let’s talk about two primary relationships with Fire Element that affect expansive and limiting qualities. The sun is your major connection to your body-mind system. You need Vitamin D3 from the sun for heart health. Yet, the amount of time you spend in the sun is important to get a daily dose within boundaries of what is healthy for you.

If you have ever built a fire, you know that wood feeds fire. In the Chinese Medicine System, Wood nourishes Fire Element. Wood Element deals with your liver and gall bladder/ Processing toxins and fats are primary roles. And, it is important to look at harmonizing your system for the emotional and mental impact of stress on your heart based on this relationship. Wood Element influences how you see the world as it is associated with your vision.

This depends on your resonance with Wood Element’s coherent qualities of seeing the world through the lens of hope and optimism, or, Wood Element’s non-coherent qualities of toxic anger and depression. This impacts the energy you have for new projects, how much or how little you wish to be connected with others, and how you discern or set boundaries with your own life energy and your own time.

Fire Element is essential to setting boundaries in a loving way. This resonance is different than cutting yourself off from another person or cutting yourself off from nourishing care for self.

When you resonate with setting boundaries in a loving way, it is essential to realize that this extends in both directions. Loving boundaries for you and the other person. There is a large spectrum in practicing this skill and to the extent you need to set boundaries based on your own energy level and energy exchange with the other person or situation. In some cases it is simply taking a brief pause with another person. In other cases, it can mean that you need to look at your inner needs in setting boundaries by prioritizing what is most needed. It might also need that you need to delegate some responsibilities or look at places where you feel long-standing issues have dealt a blow to your self-esteem, or disrupted your sense of direction.

Self-regulation is a balance between fire, water and wood. Inspiration over time, using your time wisely, and making space for self-care all contribute to greater harmony and balance within so that you are better able to take part in life in ways that creates nourishment from joy, love and connection.


There are different ways to set boundaries. It is sometimes beneficial to expand your boundaries while at the same time pacing yourself with self-care in mind. For this purpose, let’s talk about the primary role of Water Element on Fire Element.

Back to the analogy of building a fire, think about the result of dumping water on a flame. If there is too much fire, you need water to regulate the flame. While a wildfire would require more water, and a small fire less water, the internal emotional response for using water as a remedy could be a result of caution, need for calm, resentment or fear.

Too much fear based on resentment or feeling victimized seriously limits your ability to experience love, joy and connection. Water Element’s coherent aspect though, is a remedy for creating greater balance through resonating with your need to go with the flow instead of being in the fight-flight or freeze mode. Water Element affects your hearing, and how you listen to others, an essential for relationship, feeling understood and communication.

In this case, non-coherent Wood Element would show up as emotional flooding without the ability to set boundaries with self and others based on the disconnect from Earth Element nurture and support. Look at any body of water, and you will see Earth Element creating boundaries on shores and banks. When there are no boundaries, space on land is invaded and made unlivable. On the other hand, when water is frozen, there is an inability to move or take action. In this case, it is difficult to resonate with hope or possibility. Lastly, when Water Element has no capacity for adaptability, perseverance or ability to contain energy reserves, this leads to exhaustion.

The importance of Water Element’s role in the Chinese Five Element System points to the power of resilience through making space. Water carves canyons over time, and creates space in moving with the flow in streams, rivers and oceans. Water needs movement to be able to sustain life. This very movement is what makes it possible for all life and ecosystems to thrive.

Wellness and well-being thrive when there is communication between all of the five elements physically, emotionally, mentally and life/spirit purpose levels. This is your invitation to take part in harmonizing you Fire Element. Resonance Repatterning® works with your capacity to do just this based on how much energy you dedicate to different aspects of your life. Take part in a virtual group repatterning session or experience a personal repatterning session to create greater integrity in your wellness and well-being.


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Jul 2, 2018

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Engaging the 4 Gifts of Your Heart Repatterning

Open Heart, Full Heart, Strong Heart, and Clear Heart

In Chinese Medicine, Fire Element is associated with summer. This element works with your Heart, Heart Protector, Triple Heater and Small Intestine Meridians. Working directly with Fire  Element transforms your ability to benefit from engaging 4 gifts of your heart: an Open, Full, Strong and Clear Heart in your life. This allows you to create greater harmony and balance to your life through resonating with greater joy, fun, relationship and connection with others.
   The four gifts of your heart also purify your intentions with discernment which allows your to experience greater safety and trust on your journey. This Element allows you to create balance and harmony in all your relationships so you feel more energized by your interactions naturally and easily. Read more details about the Four Gifts of Your Heart here.
  Summertime is a great time to  experience a personal  Resonance Repatterning® session to engage the 4 Gifts of Your Heart: an Open, Full, Strong and Clear Heart. This session focuses on listening to the wisdom of your heart while expanding your connections to life and others with discernment, compassion and vitality.

Register here to schedule your session:

Engaging the 4 Gifts of Your Heart Repatterning Options

Here’s your opportunity to receive monthly wellness and well-being healing modalities and information about repatterning events from Windows to the Heart Repatterning.

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Jun 25, 2018

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3 Ways to Empower Your Self-Talk

Loving Self TalkDon Miguel Ruiz, in his book,The Four Agreements, starts with “Be impeccable with your word.” He says that not only do your words have the power to create something outside, but also inside. Our words can build or tear apart. According to Carolyn Myss,“Dis-empowering language keeps us sick and weak.” Negative self-talk messages such as “I can’t do it,” “ It won’t work,” or “ I’m not good enough,” often speak to material from long ago, and do not allow the “true self” to shine.

Here are three ways to empower your self-talk:

1. Working with the energy center for hearing and speech, the Ether Chakra (throat) allows for feeling and serves as the bridge between the Air (heart and lungs) and Brow Chakra (pineal gland) creating the opportunity for expression from both the heart and mind. To access these three centers, notice with loving awareness how your communication feels. Become aware of your breath and focus in your heart before speaking. This then expands the electromagnetic fields of the heart and brain for more clarity, problem-solving, connection to love, courage, compassion and intuition. This results in creating greater opportunity for the harvest of response over reaction in your expression.
2. Clarity, truth and respectful wording create greater empowerment. To experiment with this idea, read paired sentences with small changes, noting how you feel as you read both.

Indecision to Clarity
“Maybe, I’ll call you to tomorrow.” /“I’ll call you tomorrow.”
“Yeah, I think that song is great.” / “ Yes, that song is great.”
“Nah, I don’t think it’s a wise decision.” / “No, it’s not a wise decision”
Extreme to Moderate 
“I never eat after 5 PM.” / “ I seldom eat after 5 PM.”
“I always meditate for an hour.” / “I often meditate for an hour,” or “I sometimes meditate for an hour.”
Should to Choice“ I should call my mother on Sunday.”/ “I choose to call my mother on Sunday,” or “I want to call my mother on Sunday.”
Try to Aim
“I will try to do my best on my homework.” / “ I aim to do my best on my homework” or “I intend to do my best on my homework.”
Diminishment to Value
“ I’m just a student.” / “ I am a student.”
“ I can’t exercise for 30 minutes.” / “I choose not to exercise for thirty minutes.”
or “I am not willing to exercise for thirty minutes.”
Demand to Desire
“I have to lose 5 lbs. by August 30th.” /“I desire to lose 5 lbs. by August 30th.”or “ I choose to lose 5 lbs. by August 30th.”
“I need to finish this work by tomorrow.” / “It’s important to me to finish this work by tomorrow.”

3. Extend this practice by keeping track of repeated messages you give yourself and then working with a change from the list above. Using a journal, write down a statement you hear yourself saying which feels uncomfortable. Use the same practice of tuning into your heart and breath as you reflect on its meaning. Listen to your words to inform and empower your life for illumination. Who, what and where on the time-space continuum is speaking? I’ve worked with clients who have expressed beliefs, attitudes and hardships of their ancestor’s traumas and limitations.

Sometimes messages are parental messages from pre-natal experience or very early on. Through the course of a session, when the client consciously becomes aware and transforms the old messages, a great burden is lifted! Create a new message by taking it more deeply into a Resonance Repatterning® session for internal shifts. By taking this active part, you create respectful, loving and supportive action from within for life affirming communication.


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