Feb 15, 2018

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7 Natural Ways to Treat Trauma, Shock and Overwhelm

The following article includes 7 natural ways to treat trauma, shock and overwhelm. These healing modalities collected from the fields of herbalism and aromatherapy, Hanna Somatics, Polarity Therapy, Chinese Five Element and Meridian System, as well as color, light, sound, movement, breath and energetic contacts. 

1. Essential Oils, Herbs and Tea:

Beneficial essential oils for treating trauma, shock and overwhelm include clary sage, lavender, orange, rose, chamomile, Ylang Ylang, Vetiver and Frankincense.* These essential oils are both energizing ad calming in nature. I have used these essential oils first-hand in school settings with students and administrators in the presence of anxiety-producing situations with issues related to accidents, attempted personal harm, grief and need for calming. This was done with simple treatments of carrying tissues with oils in small plastic bags,or placing the tissue in a fan or diffusers. Finding what works best for you is essential to your specific needs.

Making a tea from herbs like chamomile at home will also offer comfort. Making a tea with rose petals and/or hawthorn will offer support for grieving and heartbreak. A tea with citrus especially orange peel is energizing and uplifting. Peeling an orange, inhaling the scent from the peels, and then eating the orange can relieve anxiety.

Using some of these herbs in a warm bath or foot soak can also be supportive. If a bath is not possible, use coconut oil mixed with a calming or energizing essential oil to provide nourishing support massaged on the bottom of your feet.

2. Breathwork and Compassionate Touch: 


3. Movement and Grounding: Taking a walk in nature or sitting in a garden is calming. There are acupressure points that calm and tonify your body-mind system, as well as touch points on your body that can calm and bring you back to center in the midst of trauma.

a) Somatic Trauma Reflex Release: This modality comes from Hanna Somatics and the work of Thomas Hanna, and is especially beneficial for releasing long-standing trauma held in the body: http://kimberlyrex.audioacrobat.com/download/kimberlyrex-traumareflexrelease.mp3

b) Activities to Create Feeling Grounded: How to Ground Yourself to the Present Moment

4. Nourishing Food: When a person is experiencing fear, kidneys and bladder work overtime. According to the Chinese Five Element and Meridian System, this is related to your Water Element. In order to balance your water element, you can work with Earth Element or Metal Element to nourish or balance Water Element. First, Earth Element through resonating with nurture and support. This happens when you know that you can count on inner reserves or resources around you to be there when you need them. Nourishing foods that come from Earth Element include root vegetables, as well as foods that are yellow and orange.

5. Someone You Trust: Having someone be with you if even just in the same room or close by to provide a sense of safety and support is helpful. Water Element needs to be heard for its fear, and also nourished through loving presence of listening. Talk about what you fear, and what you need to feel safe to trust again. Be with people who make you feel safe.

6. Nature and Sound: Metal Element also provides support for Water Element through its supportive nature of providing re-connection to Life Source through getting into the sun, meditation, Yoga, Tai Chi, prayer, or listening to music. This connects you to the support of your spiritual essence. Listen to music with flowing water in the background, or go for a walk next to water.

7. Creating Peace and Quiet: Give yourself the time you need to rest, to cry when you need to, and take space for healingSleep allows you to cleanse toxins and stress from your system. Keep the same routines that you have kept for your sleep schedule. Create comfort in your living space. Wear and sleep in soft fabrics and find ways to bring gentleness into your living and work space. Even if it means carrying something in your pocket that connects you to a feeling of safety, create a loving space that goes with you. It can be a picture of someone you love, a gentle message to yourself or from another person recorded on your cell phone, or a reminder of something that allows you to feel peace. Take a break daily to give yourself loving space for peace and quiet. If you want, you can draw, write, sing, move, play an instrument or walk to express your inner process. Life is energy in motion. Moving through the process of trauma is a whole body experience, and it takes time time and loving support..

This is your invitation to move through the process with the natural and nourishing process of Resonance Repatterning® that relies on the innate wisdom of your own body-mind system to transform trauma, shock and overwhelm naturally. If you have any questions about how to use essential oils, make a tea, blend, or want to schedule a session, please contact:kimberly@windowstotheheart.net

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*See Directory of specific essential oil usage mentioned in this articleDirectory of Essential Oils

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Jan 31, 2018

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Self-Love: 5 Messages from Your Heart

Love on the Path Wherever You Are Several years ago I purchased a bag of small metallic hearts for an Expressive Therapy workshop I was facilitating to use in collages and artwork.  The leftovers were then placed in a box. From time to time I open the box or the box spills open with cascading hearts from the original bag.  Over the years these hearts have shown up in lots of places: at work, outside, in my car, in the hallway, and sometimes even in my clothing!

  What is important here is that each one feels like a message. The message is always a reminder that LOVE can show up anywhere on your path. The opportunity is for taking the message of self-love no matter where you consider yourself to be in the process: beginning, middle or end of a relationship, project or situation. I’ve always found that these little red hearts show up when I least expect them, yet when I need them most. Simply finding one of them reminds me to move into my heart to be present to love’s message.
   The messages that come from these little reminders come in many variations, however, the ones that seem to rise to the top are the following Five Messages from the Heart.

1) Wait, the Space Between:   
You’ve probably heard the phrase, “When in doubt do nothing.” No-thing can transform when you create space for a new possibility. While this might seem challenging at first, it can be accomplished with a few relaxed, rhythmic breaths and focus on your heart’s own rhythm.  The heart’s rhythm is like a waltz beat, 1-2-3, 1-2-3. The waltz is a dance with a strong beat followed by two lighter beats that creates beautiful movement in place and then spirals through space with effortless ease. Right timing and partnering with your body-mind system’s wisdom for taking action by taking a pause or time for yourself each day to regroup, re-energize and replenish your energy through meditation or just 10 minutes for this centering creates wondrous opportunities for movement coupled with insight.

“Realize deeply that the present moment is all you have. Make the NOW the primary focus of your life.”~Eckhart Tolle

2) Encouragement for the Next Step: Courage comes from the root word: cor or  “corazon” meaning heart. Taking action with your heart’s wisdom comes from activating the Barr System that allows the problem-solving brain with your heart to take part in orchestrating your next steps. This is especially helpful when you are under a great deal of stress or you feel anxiety about a meeting, communication or decision. By moving into a heart feeling of gratitude, joy, love, or appreciation, you start the process of synchronization throughout your body-mind system that creates relaxation, focus and potential for positive solutions.

“It’s this simple: If I never try anything, I never learn anything. If I never take a risk, I stay where I am.” ~Hugh Prather

3) Let Go and Let Good:  There are times where all of our energy is tied up in wanting a particular outcome. Waiting can be difficult. There are times where loss, grief and depression keep us in place unable to move or expending all of our life in an habitual stress response focusing on a past hurt. In these times it is possible to allow the grief, loss and pain to heal within your body-mind system by giving space and time to them. Using the Buddhist Meditation called “The Grief Point Meditation” you can open the space for more balanced and harmonizing life energy flow in your system. To do so, make contact with your thumb in the middle of your chest or sternum area. Get in touch with your breath, and get in touch with hurt and pain that still resides within. Allow it to be there. Breathe with a soft, full belly.  This meditation allows the love in your heart to make space for pain, grief and frozen places in your life. By taking time to give them space instead of armoring against them, you create the space for resolution and new space for new life energy to enter.

“Today I don’t want to live for, I want to live.” ~Hugh Prather

4) Appreciate Everything: In the Ayurvedic System of India, your hands are the sub-chakras of the heart. Take time to appreciate your life through your hands. What do you do with them? What have you created with them? What experiences have you held and released with them? All of your life experiences have been experienced through life with your heart and hands. Touching and receiving compassion  and appreciation are ways to deepen this connection.  Take a moment to name a few things you appreciate about yourself with these simple questions: “What is good about you?” It is okay to make a long list.

“Consciously or unconsciously, everyone of us does render some service or another. If we cultivate the habit of doing this service deliberately, our desire for service will steadily grow stronger, and it will make not only for our own happiness, but that of the world at large.” ~Gandhi

5) What Can I Learn From This?  Your heart allows you to take unconditional love from the air and the Universe. You are energized by its pumping energy throughout your being. The love you share with another comes from this relationship first. Taking care of yourself on the journey no matter where you are is essential for there to be a quality of life with others. What kind of messages do you feed yourself? How can this inform you to make positive change? The practice of journaling, movement or artwork could be incorporated into your daily time for self to observe and allow your heart to express in a way that informs every cell of your body with nurture for this purpose.
   When you listen to, take guidance, and then follow your heart, you indeed, glide through space and time in partnership with the Universe. Take the information you receive from your heart and do something good with your life!

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Jan 26, 2018

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Is Fear from the Past Still Driving?

Where Does Fear Originate?

Fear can originate from many sources. Some of these sources could be from the past, a traumatic event, or a reaction to what you have been taught to believe about yourself or others. Fear can be short or long term based on the factors involved, and the quality of the resources you had for resolution at the time of that fear-invoking event in your life.  If you had no opportunity to experience safety or connection with calm or healing at that time, you are likely still being driven by the emotions, beliefs and thoughts from that fear state. The question is, “Is fear from the past still driving?”

Babies and children do not have the same capacity to reason through a threatening or fear-invoking incident as an adult. The developing brain of a child relies heavily on cues from the environment and caretakers from the perspective of the survival and emotional brain.

It can take the reasoning brain well into your mid-20’s to fully operate based on reasoning and ability to discern aspects of the situation, as well as to put distance between a past event and the present. No matter what or when an experience that provokes fear, this creates reaction in your Nervous System. This triggers the need for survival based on your thoughts, emotions and lens of perception from past experiences.

Your internal sense of feeling or senses can be a source of conflict that feel uncomfortable. Based on your current ability to regulate being present with the discernment for what is happening and sorting through its meaning from a place of survival, emotion and reason is largely based on how your autonomic nervous system responds to an event or situation. This means that your body-mind system has an automatic, cellular, heart, muscle, nerve, muscle, tissue, emotional and mental function in the process. Emotions, positive or negative affect your physical, emotional and mental health.

What Causes Fear?

Fear can be personal, relational or even cultural. Fear can be superimposed over one or all three of these areas of your life.

What you believe is true  affects how you predict what will happen to you in the outside world. Shedding light on your limiting beliefs, thoughts and attitudes about your life creates the possibility for positive change.

A major event in the world could affect how you travel, what you believe about other people and groups, and can affect how you look at the world politically.

In a recent telecast, I was listening to the ex-president of Mexico speak to the horrific event of 9/11. He attributed, in part, the nationalism and fear in the United States as residual reaction to this event of terror. The Nervous System of a country can also be triggered into the stance of extreme protection, fight, flight or freeze in response to unresolved emotional and survival defense mechanisms.

The mechanism of fear can be activated by trauma in the world related to nature such as hurricanes, tornadoes, animals, insects, and large bodies of water. Fear can be triggered in situations like public speaking or going to the dentist. States of being and connection with spirituality can also evoke fear related to death, the concept of the Divine, the Silence, the unknown or being alone.

Relationships can motivate fear response that leads to isolation, arguments or intimacy based on earlier experiences, how you witnessed resolution of conflict in your family, or healing or lack of resolution of situations that provoked fear in your early life can still be at play in your life today. The idea of being in the world, or unable to set boundaries with the world, needing to feel like you have to be in control, or fear of losing control can be extremely frightening.

How Do You Know You are Still Reacting to Fear?

The common characteristics of fear include a change in heart beat and breathing. You might hold your breath. Your muscles tighten and your thinking moves from reasoning to survival. This changes how your body responds to the world around you. Tension is held in your body so that even your vision and posture changes. Being in extended states of fear from trauma that has not resolved creates habitual alert response that over time takes its toll on how you interact and perceive the world.

If you are distressed by anything external, the pain is not due to the thing itself, but to your estimate of it; and this you have the power to revoke at any moment. ~Marcus Aurelius

From the Chinese Five Element View

Fear is the non-coherent quality of the Water Element related to your kidneys and bladder. When you are responding the world through the lens of fear you are more likely to perceive yourself as a victim in your circumstances and life. Because your body-mind system responds to this stance even at the cellular level, the communication within the physical systems of your body move into protection mode. This limits the capacity for systemic communication throughout the body.

Because it dedicates so much of its energy to the fear response. This leads to the feeling of overwhelm created by the sheer effort it takes to protect or defend yourself instead of being able to connect with other people and explore new ways of being in the world for health, relationship and business opportunities.

When you move into the coherent aspects of Water Element in collaboration with the rest of the body-mind system possibilities, you expand your ability to connect with the vital essence of your body-mind system. This creates more optimal life energy for your own life.

In relationships, you have better ability to connect with others in a way that listens to what others are communicating as you are in contact with your own needs for the ability to be able to respond with greater clarity in the present.

Imagine being able to shift into greater calm and resourcefulness. These are the resources that Water Element offers when you resolve fear so that you are better able to reflect and adapt to situations. This allows you to then pace yourself through different projects and situations while taking care of your own boundaries as well as greater perseverance so that your energy reserves are there when you need them. By resolving issues of fear you have greater capacity to connect to your needs for love, nurture, safety and trust. This allows you to move from fear to a greater feeling of self-love in the process.

This is your invitation to take part in the 1st of a 4 part series entitled: Creating Light in the Darkness: 4 Sessions for Creating Positive Change. The first session will take place on February 17, 2018 at 11 AM Pacific to focus on this personal shift.

For details and registration visit: From Fear to Love Virtual Group Repatterning: Beginning the Journey to the Heart

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Jan 25, 2018

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From Fear to Love Virtual Group Repatterning

SESSION 1: From Fear to Love, Beginning the Journey to Your Heart

To start the journey from fear to love, it is important to identify the origin of the original fear with safe and loving support. In this first of four virtual Re-pattern Your Life group sessions, you can do just that.  Resonance Repatterning® works with the fact that unconscious information from the map of your life and ancestral history is stored in your Nervous System.  This process is able to access habitual unconscious reactive material from your family and unresolved earlier experiences. The resulting opportunity is to transform fear from the past into greater sense of love, clarity, sense of direction, resilience and positive life energy in the present.

What The Fear to Love Virtual Session will Address

One of the many healing disciplines that Resonance Repatterning® works with is the Chinese Five Element and Meridian System. Fear is the non-coherent quality of the Water Element related to your kidneys and bladder. The coherent aspect of this element benefits you in your ability to connect with the vital essence of your ancestors, and through that possibility creating more optimal life energy for your own life.

Taking the journey from fear to the heart means identifying where fear resides in your body-mind system. Transforming the emotion and the Nervous System response happens in the present to free you to new possibility of living more in the calm and flowing support of your heart. This happens when you are able to transform your thoughts, attitudes and limiting beliefs from fear sources in your life so that you are more present to the opportunities in front of you right now.

An important aspect of Water Element is going with the flow of life even when there are obstacles. The ability to connect with others in a way that listens to your internal needs as you hear what another is saying allows for the ability to respond with greater clarity in the present.

Imagine being able to experience

  • calm and connection to your inner cleverness and resourcefulness
  • better ability to reflect and adapt to  stressful situations
  • ability to pace yourself through projects and life goals
  • better ability to care of your own boundaries in relationship and ask for help when needed
  • the ability to move into your heart, feeling more connected to the wisdom of love over fear
  • increasing benefits for your energy reserves, clarity and sense of direction

This is your invitation to take part in the 1st of a 4 part series entitled: Creating Light in the Darkness: 4 Seasons to Change Your World. This 60-minute first group virtual session will take place on February 17, 2018 at 11 AM Pacific to focus on moving out of fear into  the wisdom of your heart to respond to life with greater clarity, sense of direction and compassion.

Beginning the Journey to Your Heart: From Fear to Love Virtual Session Registration Link

Session Options

Creating Light in the Darkness: 4 Seasons to Change Your World Program here: 25% Discount for Yearly Program until February 15, 2018


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Jan 24, 2018

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8 Flower Essence Blends for Positive Change

Each of these flower essence blends are created with organic flowers and plants from the Pacific Northwest.  The flowers complement each other to benefit you in creating greater harmony and balance in the process of positive change. With their subtle energy collected from a process of solar infusion, they are loving advocates in your psycho-spiritual transformation experience.

 “Plants talk to us at all levels, molecule to molecule, spirit to spirit. They facilitate healing that is potent, profound and life-affirming.” ~Marlene Adelmann, founder and director of The Herbal Academy

Plants are the longest and oldest companions for human beings on the planet. Their properties are medicinal, aesthetic and spiritual.  They can be healing allies in your healing journey with anxiety, depression, grief, transition, long standing difficulties with a need for resilience, new beginnings, transition and manifestation processes.

When you purchase a 1 oz. Flower Essence Blend, you will receive the cobalt blue dropper bottle with instructions and dosage for both internal and external use. These blends are infused in a shiso vinegar base with a combination of flower essences from 2-4 flowers according to the specific purpose of the blend. You will find out the healing properties of each of these flowers, as well as their synergistic benefits.  In addition, you will also receive a pdf eBook link with additional resources for the blend’s purpose including acupressure points to benefit your process with affirmations to work with the specific purpose of your personal blend.

This is your invitation to invite the healing and beneficial properties of flowers and plants to support you at the psycho-spiritual level on your journey of positive change. The fee per essence blend is $15.00. This fee includes shipping in the United States. International shipping costs are additional.*

1 oz. Flower Essence Blend Choices


*To tailor a blend other than these blends, visit: http://www.windowstotheheart.net/create-your-personal-2018-flower-essence-blend/

Disclaimer: Plant and flower essences are supplementary support for psycho-spiritual transformation. They create greater awareness, harmony and balance within. They are, however, not meant to replace consulting with your health or psychotherapy professional regarding any ailment or symptom that is of personal concern.

Copyright 2017© Kimberly Rex and Windows to the Heart Repatterning All Rights Reserved.

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Kimberly Rex, MS is a certified Resonance Repatterning, Person-Centered Expressive Therapist and Wellness &Well-being Life Coach. She also is certified in homeopathy, herbalism, flower essences and aromatherapy.

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