Nov 20, 2018

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Virtual Winter Solstice Group Repatterning


As the light begins to return for longer daylight hours on December 21, 2018, the intention and focus of this virtual Winter Solstice group session is to create both inner vitality and calm in situations in your life where you have experienced  stress over time personally and in the world. This 60-minute virtual process will allow you to begin to move beyond obstacles of this past year or even longer by regaining vital life energy and perseverance that builds integrity in your own wellness and well-being.

Where you have felt afraid, victimized, resentful, or overwhelmed, this is an opportunity to  use the energy of the Winter Solstice to reignite your own light where you are ready to break free from the restrictions of past patterns so you can move with the natural flow of life in a new positive direction.

When you resonate with setting healthy and loving boundaries in relationships you need inner courage and the ability to draw on the support of your own life energy reserves in doing so without overdrawing on your life energy. This repatterning will then allow you to resonate with setting your own course  to re-pattern your life personally, in your relationships, business, community and the world.

 Through the process of Resonance Repatterning®, experience this natural and beneficial healing process no matter where you live on the planet.  This 60-minute  teleconference with recording will work with your  physical, emotional, mental and core essence parts of your life. By creating more optimal life energy flow through your bladder and kidney meridians through the wisdom of the Chinese Five Element and Meridian System related to Water Element associated with winter, you will feel more supported by the natural rhythms of life. By taking care of yourself, you will have more vital life energy through winter for your positive intentions that will create more tangible and sustainable change over time with a ripple effect that works to create greater integrity in your wellness and well-being over time!

This is your personal invitation to take part in this Winter Solstice Virtual Group Session. You will have an opportunity to fill out a confidential focus questionnaire that will address your personal issues after you register for this session below. With your questionnaire, you will also receive the details for attending a LIVE teleconference on December 21, 2018 at 5 pm Pacific.

The teleconference will be recorded so you can listen to the session if you are unable to attend directly. This means that you will benefit from the work no matter where you live, or when you listen to the session.  In addition, you will receive all of the meditations and positive actions that result from this repatterning process.

Register here to take part in this Solstice Repatterning:

60-minute Virtual Group Winter Solstice Repatterning Session

Kimberly Rex, MS is a Certified Master Life Coach, Resonance Repatterning Practitioner and Person-Centered Expressive Therapist who works with you  to achieve your life goals and positive intentions by phone, Skype, in-person or proxy. Find out more about Resonance Repatterning and Repattern Your Life Coaching packages in her FREE monthly newsletter with exclusive articles on consciousness science, monthly healing modalities and session offerings at

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Nov 2, 2018

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Fall: Inspiration and Letting Go

As fall takes up residence in our lives in the Northern Hemisphere with cooler weather and leaves falling from trees, it’s important to acknowledge this impact on our personal lives with these changes.

On the Chinese Five Element and Meridian Wheel, Metal Element is the Official for this time of year. In Chinese Medicine, each element and meridian has importance related to physical, emotional, mental and spirit levels. The Metal Element Official speaks both to inspiration and letting go.

Metal Element on the physical level deals with the Lungs and Large Intestines. The lungs, of course, connect you to the air you breathe and that which inspires you in your life. Each time you exhale, you release and let go. The Large Intestine allows you to let go of what doesn’t nourish your body. On the emotional and mental levels it also works with the energy of acknowledging your regrets openly and honestly so you can move on in life.  Of course, this can be something
that is needed at any time of year.

Inspiration: Lung Meridian

Lung Meridian is about inspiration. Trees are the lungs of the planet.
. Lung Meridian asks the question, “What inspires you?” What keeps you connected to your spiritual source?” “What do you value?” as well as “What keeps you from realizing you life and spirit purpose?”

Where there have been injuries to self-esteem, confusion or feeling cut-off from life due to grief, trauma, loss, or depression, Metal Element supports you in experiencing greater self-worth, respect, and a greater sense of value for your life’s experience.

Lung Meridian helps you realize that everything has an innate perfection in your journey through life for your expansion and conscious spiritual evolution. As an example in nature, you see the trees letting go of leaves as the temperatures change and the light diminishes. Yet, what you might not readily perceive is that underneath this seeming death process is the greater purpose of preparation for rebirth. The leaves are actually being pushed off by the new leaf buds forming for the spring!

“Often when you think you’re at the end of something, you’re at the beginning of something else.”
~Fred Rogers

Letting Go: Large Intestine Meridian

Letting go allows your body-mind system to heal grief, trauma and any residue of earlier experiences.
Large Intestine works with letting go of that which no longer serves your life. So how do you let go of issues that might have placed your emotions on a merry-go-round or stopped you from moving forward in your life?

The Reptilian Brain, the part of your brain whose purpose is to help you survive works by looking for events, features, and images that remind it of earlier events where you might have experienced stress. When you have not processed or moved through an experience to create calm or resolution in your body-mind system, it is important to focus on looking at these issues to create new possibilities. What we resist, persists.

The Parasympathetic and Sympathetic Nervous System will register stress responses that become imprints or triggers for future events, emotions or responses to situations. When your system is reminded of a an unresolved earlier situation, your unconscious responds to in the present as it did in the past with all the stress, emotion, and physical reaction of the unresolved issue.

The benefits of resolution, forgiveness and moving on include updating your response to situations, better communication between all the systems of your body, new insights, responses and more choices for your life experience in the present. This can happen through accessing the unconscious material that your nervous system reports through the muscle-checking system in Resonance Repatterning. Your nervous system is connected to every muscle, tissue, organ and gland. Your body is a map of your life’s experiences.

Working with consciousness science, breath, fragrance, movement, light, sound, and energetic balancing, a Resonance Repatterning® session allows you to let go of the non-coherent patterns to create new coherent pathways for resolution and inspiration. This makes experiencing life anew more than a possibility because your system no longer resonates with the impact or residue of the earlier experience. By letting go of the old, you make way for more inspiration and life energy for your positive intentions.You are making space for a new way of living your life!

I’d like to invite you to receive monthly wellness and well-being healing modalities and information about repatterning events from Windows to the Heart Repatterning.

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Oct 2, 2018

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Enhancing the Power of Your Light Virtual Group Repatterning


You experience life through the frequency of light, sound and movement of energy. Light is an essential nutrient for your body. Light energizes your cells, vision, movement, breath, and mood. When you your energy is depleted, your light is depleted. When you are depressed, your light is undernourished. Harmonizing and enhancing the power of your light creates greater integrity in your wellness and well-being.

The Power of Your Light: Vision and Energy

The quality of light you receive affects your breath, posture, movement, vital energy and memory. The quality of your physical vision is related to how you process light for emotional, mental and physical health and well-being. The emotions of anger, blame, upset, and depression impact the quality and quantity of light you have access to for your wellness and well-being. Stress created by negative emotions limit how your body receives and uses this energy, affecting your breath, your movement, and how you respond to life while diminishing your light.

For more on this topic:

The Power of Your Light: Health

Natural light has shown to have an impact on sleep patterns, melatonin production, memory, mood regulation, thought processing, free radical production, cellular communication, and heart health.

Cell-to-cell communication by bio-photons has been seen in plants, bacteria, and animal neutrophil granulocytes that digest invading microbes. Granulocytes account for about 60% of your white blood cells. Kidney cell communication has also noted. Research has shown that particular spectral light stimulation (infrared, red, yellow, blue, green and white) at one end of the spinal sensory or motor nerve roots produce a significant increase in bio-photon activity at the other end of the spine: Yan Sun, Chao Wang, and Jiapei Dai’s research project:

  According to Dr. Fritz Popp, a biophysicist, dedicated to the study of bio-photons, the coherent emission of bio-photons directly relates to the energy and information transfer processes within biological organisms, and has been linked to the function of DNA and gene regulation.

We are still on the threshold of fully understanding the complex relationship between light and life, but we can now say emphatically, that the function of our entire metabolism is dependent on light.~Dr. Fritz Albert Popp

  This is your personal invitation to take part in this 60-minute virtual group repatterning to create greater coherent light within your own life.  When you register for this session, you will have the opportunity to add your intentions and issues for transformation for your health, vision and energy in a confidential focus questionnaire for the session’s work. This session will take place on October 27, 2018 at 5 pm Pacific timeBecause the teleconference will be recorded, you can take place from any place on the planet, and listen to the recording afterwards at your leisure.

   This 60-minute Enhancing the Power of Your Light Repatterning includes meditations, healing modalities and follow-up notes from the session itself.  To register for this session, sign up below with the link below:

Enhancing the Power of Your Light Repatterning Options

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Sep 17, 2018

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How the Observer Effect Impacts Your Life


In New Physics the Observer Effect is as much about the quantum world as it is about your consciousness that impacts what your perception of the life creates in the world.

 “Our observation has a direct effect on our world.”~ Dr. Joe Dispenza

The ability to observe your feelings, thoughts and sensations is vital for wellness and well-being. The ability to observe ourselves acknowledging our emotions and feelings as part of a bigger picture allows us to realize that we are more than any of these parts.

The information that comes from your body-mind system can come in many ways or forms. Information emerges from your mind, your heart, your gut, your breath, tension and relaxation states, and even from your bones. Being in touch with your thoughts, sensations and feelings allows you to be more in tune with what your filter is reporting in the present.

This awareness invites you to a deeper quality of attention. When this is so, there is neither an observer or quality of judgment of being observed. By changing the lens of your perception “camera”  you get the opportunity to witness from 20,000 feet while at the same time going more in-depth. By doing so you move out of the unconscious imprints of the past more consciously into what is happening in the present. This allows you greater freedom and choice instead of boomerang reactions from limiting beliefs, attitudes and perceptions. 

All action results from thought, so it is thoughts that matter. ~Sai Baba

Being able to observe your perception of what you are feeling or thinking builds the bridge between the inner world and the outer experience of your life. For example, if by observing that you feel tension in a particular experience, your body is letting you know a number of things. From your brain’s perspective, it could be that you are resonating with a signal of fear from the past that activates a belief about what is happening now. Looking at life through the lens of fear creates the condition of attachment to conflicting desires and reactions related to your fear. Even when your mind is confused, it is choosing a particular perception based on conflict. The attachment is to what your thoughts tell you. In response, your body might register a change in breathing pattern, an increase in blood pressure, or a sense of urgency for a defense response.

However, it is also possible to observe this perception by using your body-mind system’s inner technology to bring calm. By observing the tension, allowing it to be what it is, giving it a place in your awareness, you give an expanded view of the message from tension, and all of its pathways of communication in the present. Being in touch with your breath specifically, you can begin to experience listening with intention. You can slow down. In this way, you begin to make space for attention to the underlying needs that your thoughts and body sensations are giving you. Listening to your body and your mind is key to participate in creating integrity in your wellness and well-being.  It is your relationship with this perception, thought, feeling and sensation that creates consciousness.

Taking action based on the input your own body-mind system gives you allows you to experience greater “author-ship” and sovereignty with informed choices based on expanding. The question is: “How do I make this a practice in my life?” Make space for registering your breath patterns, take time to rest, take a brief walk, journal, get a good night of sleep, eat nourishing foods to feed your organs, stretch, look out over an expanse like the ocean, across a hill or mountain area, or read a book can all be activities to begin the process of shifting your perception from near to far, inner to outer, from tension to calm.

There are many ways to improve your ability to tune into your inner perceptions, and as unique as you are, there are always signals that will always give you feedback if you listen.

Sometimes your body-mind system signals need for change in small ways and specifically as in when you are hungry or tired. Other times your body-mind system lets you know that you need to process emotions and stored feelings through tears, a need for solitude or friendship, or the need to sleep. Your food choices can also report in on what you need for energy in life. Do you need more sweetness? Are you dehydrated? Do you feel ungrounded?

Your muscles and bones can give you a sense of structural feedback. Do you feel heavy? Do you feel numb in some areas of your body? Are you able to tense and then relax? Do you have what you need to move you through life?  Being more in-tune with your inner sensations allows you to take actions to create positive change.


I’d like to invite you to receive monthly wellness and well-being healing modalities and information about repatterning events from Windows to the Heart Repatterning.

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Mar 19, 2018

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Flower Essences, Aromatherapy, Herbs and Essential Oil Products

Flower Essence Blends Designed for You

Eight Flower Essence Blends for Any Transition in Your Life

Personal Flower Essence Blend Just for YOU!

Herbal Salves and Balms

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Seasonal Flower Essences and Essential Oils for Wellness and Well-being

Winter Remedies

Winter Resilience Essence Blend

Be Well Essential Oil Blends for Traveling, Cold and Flu Season

Winter Blues Spray Away


Plant, aromatherapy, essential oils and flower essences are supplementary support for psycho-spiritual transformation. They create greater awareness, harmony and balance within. They are, however, not meant to replace consulting with your health or psychotherapy professional regarding any ailment or symptom that is of personal concern.

Copyright 2018© Kimberly Rex and Windows to the Heart Repatterning. All Rights Reserved.

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