Mar 27, 2019

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All My Relations: Earth Day Repatterning for ALL of Us

One way to open your eyes is to ask yourself, “What if I had never seen this before? What if I knew I would never see it again? ~Rachel Carson

All My Relations: An Earth Day Repatterning

Add your voice to this FREE virtual group Resonance Repatterning that will take place on Earth Day for all species, all our relations, ALL of us on this beautiful planet we call HOME.

This is your invitation to add your intentions and identify issues that impact YOU directly related to animal and plant species, climate change, air quality, food ecosystems, pollution, GMO’s, carbon emissions, fossil fuels, clean energy, etc.

By participating in this repatterning, you contribute to greater resonance with the solutions and for new possibilities to emerge for greater health of the planet and ourselves.

You can take part from any place on the planet by adding your voice to the personal focus questionnaire for this process. You can attend the teleconference LIVE at 5 PM Pacific on April 22, 2019 or listen to the recording afterwards to experience the process with meditations and positive actions.

Resonance Repatterning ® builds more coherent life energy, mindfulness, motivation and momentum for resonating with and connecting personal, relationship and community resources for tangible and sustainable positive change.

Add your voice to this FREE virtual 60-minute session by adding your concern for any species, issue or intention for positive change by signing up below.

Sign up here:

Kimberly Rex, MS is a certified Resonance Repatterning, Person-Centered Expressive Therapist and Wellness and Well-being Life Coach. She has worked with individuals, families, groups and organizations all over the world to create greater harmony and balance in life at Windows to the Heart Repatterning for over 15 years. Resonance Repatterning works with New Physics and the Butterfly Effect. By making subtle changes in your own life you create ripple effects in the world.

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