Jun 19, 2017

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4 Summer Flower Essences for Believing in Yourself


 These Four Flower Essences for summer include Bee Balm, Chives, Raspberry and Blackberry. Each flower essence plays an important role in believing in yourself, relationship, and manifestation of your positive intentions while believing in yourself.

Bee Balm Flower Essence

  • Makes way for independence when things feel too ingrained
  • aids you in believing in your Self
  • helps when you feel spacey or suspect wrong-doing or gossip

Chives Flower Essence

  • Building relationship and friendships
  • Resonating with receiving benefit from effort
  • Growth through movement with adaptability

Raspberry Flower Essence

  • Manifestation, resonating with inner brilliance
  • Creativity activated with full belief
  • Resonating with fulfillment

Nasturtium Flower Essence

  • invitation to play and get in the the sun
  • Spleen support~ taking support from nature~ Vitamin D3
  • recognizing where action is needed
  • orients you to the present when you feel like you have been thrown off-course


With your purchase you receive an essence dropper bottle, extensive description of benefits, acupressure point activation suggestions,  affirmation/meditation to enhance your well-being throughout summer, or any time of year when you need the benefits of a specific essence quality.

When choosing these essences, get in touch with your heart and what your intuition tells you about the properties of each essence. These essences can be used both internally and externally.  They are wonderful support and allies when you are working through transitions, experiencing stressful challenges or when you wish to enhance your personal growth process.

These Plant and Flower Essence Dropper Bottles are available individually or in a set of three for the synergistic qualities of their core essence benefits.  Essences ship within 1-5 days with no shipment fee for standard USPS delivery.

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Summer Flower Essence Options

Plant and flower essences are supplementary support for psycho-spiritual transformation. They create greater awareness, harmony and balance within. They are, however, not meant to replace consulting with your health or psychotherapy professional regarding any ailment or symptom that is of personal concern.

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Kimberly Rex, MS is a certified Resonance Repatterning, Person-Centered Expressive Therapist and Wellness &Well-being Life Coach. She also is certified and certificated with Soluna Spagyric Homeopathic Remedies, homeopathy, herbalism, flower essences and aromatherapy.


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